Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection in Perth - A Basic Need Before Buying

Posted by Choice Building Inspections on August 14th, 2018

Are you buying a home? One thing that you must not forget is to pre-purchase a termite inspection in Perth. This step is essential because it can save you from headaches in the long run. You probably already know about the destructive and damaging effects that termites can do to your property. According to the study of CSIRO, these pests have already caused billion worth of damage—and an alarming one out of three Australian homes possibly have termites. While you have the choice to postpone pest and termite inspection in Perth, it is more beneficial to pre-purchase termite inspection. Why? Here are some of the reasons: 

Determine the real condition of the home 

Sellers or real estate agents are good at marketing only the best aspects of a home or piece of property. They might not reveal details about major issues (like termite infestations), or perhaps they are not aware of it themselves. To reveal the real condition of the house, inspections must be made by qualified and highly experienced inspectors. Through their help, you will immediately learn about the smallest and biggest pest problems and see if they can be remedied or not. 

Prevent major damages 

Termites are scary little pests that silently destroy and infest your home. Signing the real estate purchase contract without doing a termite inspection in Perth may mean having to deal with unexpected problems like structural damage—which often involves thousands of dollars’ worth of repair. Like doctors, termite inspectors can provide an early diagnosis as well as treatment program to address the current situation and avoid further damage. If you want to buy the property regardless of its termite infestation, a proper inspection can give you a clearer idea of how much time and money do you need to spend to make the place habitable. 

Pre-purchase termite inspection in Perth allows you to truly weigh the pros and cons of the house and make a more informed decision. It could save you from spending a lot of money because of unforeseen repair costs. Many companies offer pre-purchase termite inspection in Perth, but not all of them are the right team for the job. Consider hiring companies that have expert inspectors and report detailed results within 36 hours. 

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