What laboratory equipment is used in the laboratory?

Posted by Cleatech on August 24th, 2018

The Laboratory Equipment is the most indispensable part of any scientific study and research. It is a must for studying any stream of science and as far as the research is concerned, it is impossible to establish an outcome of a scientific research without the confirmation of a laboratory test. Therefore it is essential to have a state of the art laboratory for any qualitative study and research in any stream of science.

To be a state of the art Laboratory Equipment, it must be equipped with the instruments and other necessary articles which should be of the best quality and technically latest of its kind. The requirements for the different kinds of laboratories will obviously vary. It is quite obvious that the instruments to facilitate a physics laboratory will not be the requirement of a biology lab. And in the same way, the requirements of a chemistry lab will not be the same as a medical research lab.

But whatever maybe the specific requirements of those different labs, there is some basic equipment, which is mostly used in most of the different kinds of laboratories. Some of this basic equipmentare mentioned below.

Beaker and beaker tongs

Beaker is a very common article that is used as a very primary equipment in most of the laboratories. It is used to hold liquids and for mixing and heating those as well.  

The beaker tongs are used to hold and pick up beakers.


It is a very common equipment used in almost all the Laboratories for measuring masses.

Bunsen Burner

It is also a very common equipment for any laboratory as the fundamental source of heating. Therefore, in a laboratory, whenever it is required to heat any object, whether it is liquid or solid, the Bunsen burner is primarily used.


It is a very useful equipment used to dispense the right volume of liquid. It is indispensable for chemistry lab although it is a requirement for any lab that is working with any kind of liquid.

Test tube

It isa basic requirement for any lab whether it is for study or research. Primarily it is used for holding and mixing liquids.

Test tube clamp

Whenever a test tube is used in a laboratory, the test tube clamp will be required. It is a must to hold a test tube especially when it is quite hot.

Test tube rack

Since the test tube is a very fundamental lab equipment, it needs to be stored properly in a laboratory. Test tube rack is a very important equipment in that context. It holds many test tubes properly in a place at a time.

Erlenmeyer Flask

It is primarily used for mixing various chemicals. It has a narrow neck which is useful in preventing the spilling of the liquid from the container.

Volumetric Flask

This glass container helps in preparing solutions of different liquids to a certain volume most accurately.


These are the containers used for heating chemicals especially in a very high temperature.

Crucible Tongs

It is a very essential instrument for holding the crucible while heating chemicals in it.

Clay Triangle

It is used for supporting the crucible while heating.

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