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Are you one of those who loved to gamble or to play those card games? If so, have you heard or
played before the game, blackjack? I bet you did if you truly are into gambling games. Even if you
are not, you are bound to watch before people playing the game itself either in real life or in reel
lives. Blackjack, or also known as Twenty One in some places, is a very popular and widely played
card games. It is also a very popular card game in the casinos with a lot of people often visited the
blackjack table.

You might be wondering, why is the game so popular with the public? Well, the game itself is a
very easy game to pick up with no mind numbing rules that you need to know. To summarize the
game perfectly, it is a comparing game where the players compared their points with the banker,
which is the dealer himself or herself. Each player is being dealt with two cards, the same with
the banker, and the players have the options of either hitting the hands with another card to
increase its score or to stand, which means the players are satisfied with the scores. When you are
hitting your hand with another card, all you have to do is just to add its value to the original value.

Just like any other games in the world, there are many variations to the game itself. Different parts
of the country have different rules and regulations so before playing the game, you should ask about
their rules and regulations before playing the game. However simple you may think the game may
be, there are strategies involved when playing the game. Blackjack may be a comparing type of card
game, some people play it with strategies.

There is a reason as to why blackjack is so popular with so many people. It is one of the few
games that card counting can be used for the players? advantages. What is card counting?
Well, card counting is a strategy where the players use it to calculate the card probability. It
revolves the memorizing of the number of cards and counting the probability advantages.

How the card counting strategy is used in the game itself? Well, the basic idea behind the strategy
is that those high cards, particularly those aces and tens, are better for the players while those low
power cards, such as those 4s, 5s and 6s are better for the dealer. The higher the concentration of
aces and tens, it gives the players a higher chance of getting blackjacks which usually pay at three to
two ratios unless the dealer himself or herself also has blackjack.

Blackjack is a good and interesting game that does not take geniuses to play. In fact, once you start
playing the game, you can easily get the hang of it and just continue playing the game. But, do not
get too addicted to it for gambling addictions can be destructive.

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