Keno: A Combination of Lottery and Bingo

Posted by amirthaa on September 27th, 2010

Keno is a famous game played in casinos. It is a mixture of lottery and bingo. This game is also offered in

some states of the US as state lotteries. The state level keno has different structures with the keno played

in casinos. This game is originated from China and it helped to raise fund to build the Great Wall of

China. Then Chinese played the game by using Chinese words printed tickets. It was introduced to the

West afterwards. In this game, players place bet by writing an ?S? on a blank keno ticket. Players are paid

based on how many drawn numbers they have betted. A circular glass is used in a keno game. It is called

a ?bubble?. This bubble contains 80 numbered balls. Air is pushed into the bubble by a blower. This is

with intention to mix the balls during balldraw. The balls are to be lifted into a V-shaped tube. This is

called the ?Rabbit Ear? blower. Each of 20 balls drawn is recorded. With the modern advancement of

technology, the bets are counted by the computerized keno system. There are also other blowers such as

automated blower, random number generator and ?Hand Cage?. Each casino possesses its own pay scale.

Some of the casinos in Las Vegas offer up to 30 different pay scales for keno. Its payouts depend on how

many numbers are chosen by a player. Also, the numbers hit according to those chosen by the players

determines the payouts too. Keno can be effectively calculated using mathematical equation by calculating

the exact winning probabilities. There are tips to play keno. One is advisable to buy keno tickets which

last for a year. High concentration can also lead to winning the game. It is said that numbers which have

not been drawn for a few draw should be picked. This is due to the fact that every number possesses equal

chances of being drawn. Successive pairing of numbers is also a tip to win keno. However, the returns at

keno is said to be infrequent. Hence, it is a game for relaxation rather than a source of earning. There is

also a game called ?Daily Keno?, which is offered by television programmes. Another type of keno is

called ?Video Keno?. This keno certainly pays better than the conventional keno. It is speedier and at the

same time, it consumes more money. Quarter and dollar game is there to stay for ?Video Keno?. Besides,

there is also a keno called ?way? or ?combination? keno. Groups of numbers in the same spot are circled

by players in this keno. This keno certainly pays better than the conventional keno. This would definitely

increase the payouts. It is also contended that serious keno players may come up with more complex

combination. It is said that every casino in Nevada owns keno lounges. Placing of bets is divided into two

types. The first type is called Straight Ticket and the second type is called King Ticket.

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