6 Dog Walking Tips to Master the Art of Dog Walking in NJ

Posted by Happy Tails of South Jersey on September 28th, 2018

A number of studies suggest that about 20% of pet owners do not walk their dogs on a daily basis. Many pet parents even find it daunting to walk their dogs regularly. But no pet owner can keep his dog relaxed and happy without walking the pet at least once a day. In addition to being an effective exercise, dog walking also alleviates the pet’s mental health. As a pet parent, you must make it a practice to walk your dog on a daily basis. You can even consider some simple hacks to make dog walking in NJ a fun activity.

6 Simple Hacks to become an Expert Dog Walker in NJ

1. Get Ready to Spend Some Time

Many pet owners explore ways to speed up dog walking. But you must remember that the physical and mental exercise required by individual dog differs. You must consult the vet to understand the dog’s behavior and determine its exercise needs. Also, you must spend about one hour every day to make dog walking effective.

2. Use the Right Dog Lash

Your choice of dog lash will have a direct impact on the dog walking experience. You must opt for a short dog lash to control the pet in flexible and safe way. The short dog lash will further help you to communicate with and guide the pet.

3. Keep the Dog Hydrated

If you are planning to walk the dog for more than one hour in hot weather, it becomes essential to keep the pet hydrated. You must carry enough water in a collapsible water bottle and make the do drink water when it starts sweating through panting.

4. Make the Canine Respond to Basic Commands

The smarter pet owners take advantage of dog walking to make their dogs respond to basic commands like sit, stand, stay and down. You must check how the dog responds to these basic commands in outdoor. However, you must mix and match these basic commands to make it difficult for the dog to guess the next command.

5. Become the Pack Leader

Normally, the pack leader always controls the dog walk. You can easily become the pack leader by walking in front of the dog. You must make it a practice to enter and exit the door before the dog.

6. Don’t Forget to Reward Your Dog

You cannot make dog walking a fun activity without keeping your pet motivated. You must make it a practice to reward your dog during and after the dog walking session. While taking the dog for a stroll, you must allow it to relax and relive. Also, you need to provide the dog with both food and water after returning from the walk.

On the whole, you can always make do walking in NJ a fun activity by following some simple tips. Also, you can consider availing assistance of an experienced dog trainer to make the dog exercise physically and mentally. The trainer will further prepare the dog for special events like pack walk and dog running.

This article is written by Happy Tails, specializes in providing professional dog walking in NJ best suiting client’s requirements and preferences to provide dogs the physical and mental exercise they need

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