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Posted by umerblackeagle on September 27th, 2010

A good casino winning story can getthe heart pounding. It can also cause the blood to boil. Individuals that havelogged long hours at the casino may experience a bit (or perhaps a lot) of envywhen hearing about the good fortune of others. However, even though most peopleexperience at least a twinge of jealousy, these types of stories do provide ameasure of hope that perhaps one day, the reader will also have an equallyunbelievable a story to share. Below, we have chronicled three pretty amazing casinowinning stories that will give you little charm.

a. BettingIt All at the Roulette Wheel

Just about every person living hassome sort of aspiration, something they want to accomplish before they die. Fora gentleman by the name of Ashley Revell that aspiration was to bet all of hismoney on a single roulette wager. It didn?t seem to be the brightest orresponsible of ideas at the time. It still doesn?t. Though he was discouragedfrom going forward with this seemingly crazy plan by his family and friends, heproceeded. To raise money, he sold just about everything he had, including hishome, some of his clothes and his car. In all, he raised $135,300 and bet itall on Red at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. His gamble paid off big.The ball landed on Red 7. Revell won $270,600, tipped the croupier $600 andleft. However, he wouldn?t be able to stay away from the casino for good. Sincehis big win, he has decided to become a professional poker player.

b. Doubleor Nothing: Going For Broke At the Craps Table

 No one could ever accuseWilliam Lee Bergstrom (AKA, The Suitcase Man) of not being a risk taker. In1980 he walked into Binion?s Horsehoe, a Las Vegas casino, with $770,000 incash. He bet it all at the craps table. His made a ?Don?t Pass? line bet,wagering every last cent. He then proceeded to roll big three seven outs. IfBergstrom wasn?t a millionaire before he entered the casino, he was by the timehe left.  William was dubbed The Suitcase Man because he bought a suitcaseinto the casino to bring home is winnings; such was his confidence that hewould win.  

c. JessicaAgbunag: From Young Housewife to Young Millionaire 

Jessica Agbunag was not a gambler.However, she decided to test her luck at a Las Vegas casino in honor of hergrandmother who was once an avid gambler before she passed away. The Wheel ofFortune Slots machine was here game of choice and boy was she soon fortunate.She immediately hit pay dirt. Her short time at the machine yielded her nearly$2.5 million dollars.

In most of the cases people tend toplay for large amount of money which if they win comes out of nowhere. Bettingat casinos and experiencing your fortune there can cause you both joy andgrief. If someone wins or loses a reasonable amount of money then surely hewill be a symbol of envy for others. One can get attracted due to someone?swinnings and someone will stay out of the court just because of one?s failure.

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