Amazon Suspension Prevention Services Help Reinstating Business

Posted by Susan California on October 7th, 2018


One fine morning, you woke up and discovered your Amazon account suspended. How would be your day? Well, this is a pretty common issue globally. It happens for numerous reasons unknown to the sellers. A professional service like is able to help you out. They are able to find out the lacking and restore your account on this digital platform. It is not possible always for the Amazon sellers to identify the problems always and take preventive measures. Besides, often they are unaware too about the process to follow to remove the suspension. A brief idea over why accounts are suspended will help you to get rid of the trouble.

Incorrect order placement

If the site users place their orders in an incorrect manner, it increases the order defect rate. This is a negative aspect according to the Amazon policy. It points out that the customer's experience problems in placing an order as the sellers’ website are not user-friendly. So, chances are there to get a closure of your account. 

Client complains

The clients may place their complaint against your store or site. In that case, Amazon verifies the issues. If any authenticity is found, you will experience the suspension. But Amazon verifies if the complaints are true or not. If not, you need no worries. There are no specific reasons behind the complaints. You can have the best ideas from to be careful in all the terms while dealing with clients.   

Shipment delay

This is another important issue to consider. The delay (no matter if desired or unwanted) may cause trouble for the clients. They might need the product within two days after order while you sent if five days later. It may result in a negative review. If the number of negative reviews increases, after a certain time, you can experience the suspension from Amazon. 

Faulty product

At times, this is not possible for the sellers to check all the products. But they should check it. Without checking the product, the clients may receive faulty products. This is a great cause for damaging the reputation of the sellers. As a result, they may face the suspension order from Amazon. The best way to prevent it is to check each of the products manually. 

Rejecting returns

When the client sends you back the product for some reasons, you do not accept the products. As a result, the relation with the clients becomes uneasy. If the client lodges a complaint, you have nothing to do. Consequently, you can experience a suspension.  

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