7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Forklift

Posted by Amos Fred on October 11th, 2018

Are you considering purchasing a forklift for your operation? Don’t just jump at the first offer of a forklift for sale that you see. Consider these factors to make the right purchasing decision and get the best possible equipment for your organization:

Should You Buy New or Used?

Should you purchase a new or a used forklift? This is as much a matter of budget as it is of practical application. You will want a machine that is new if you plan to use it very frequently and have the budget to allow for a larger initial investment, while a used machine might be better for less frequent use and smaller budgets.

What are Your Requirements for the Machine?

How many hours a day and how often will your machine be needed? How high will you need the lift to reach? What is the maximum weight you will need to lift? How tightly do you need to be able to maneuver? All of these are important considerations when choosing the right forklift for your operation.

What are the Fuel Options?

Today’s eco-conscious operation managers may be tempted to choose electric forklifts. Indeed, these machines are increasingly powerful and rival their traditionally-powdered competitors in strength, but there are serious limitations to their use as well. These machines cannot be used outdoors, especially in the rain. They are best suited to infrequent, indoor use, making them a poor choice for many operators. Take this into consideration when making your choice of which model to purchase; what you might save in fuel costs, you might lose in productivity if you make the wrong choice!

What are the Tire or Tread Options?

Most forklifts are equipped with cushion tires or pneumatic tires – or a combination of the two. Pneumatic tires are inflated, much like the tires on standard vehicles. Cushion tires are made from solid rubber. Some forklift models have a combination of the two, often referred to as solid pneumatic tires. Which type of tire you choose will depend mostly on where you plan to use your equipment. Indoor use is better for solid tires, while inflated tires are best for outdoor use.

Do You Need Additional Features?

There are more features than just the fuel and tire choices that you should consider when purchasing a forklift. Depending on your organization’s needs, you might want to consider additional upgrades and optional features that might not be offered on basic models.

What are Your Options, So Far?

Considering all these factors, what options do you have so far? Checking what you’re left with while narrowing down your options will keep you focused on what you need and allow you to let go of models that don’t fit your needs or your budget. Try to keep your list of possibilities as short as possible, so you can head to your dealer ready to buy.

Which Dealers Should You Consider?

Speaking of your dealer, where are you going to go to buy your equipment? Almost anyone can offer a forklift for sale, but you’ll want to buy from a reputable retailer with industry knowledge and experience to get the best quality equipment for your investment.

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