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Hair Transplant Cost in India -Avenues Clinic

Posted by shreyaavenues on October 12th, 2018

Hair transplant is effective and all know this fact but many patients are worried about the price structure of hair transplant surgery. So, they would agree to have the surgery if the hair transplant is cost-effective as well. However, Dr. Kinnar Kapadia of the Avenues clinic is very clear about the hair transplant cost in India Dr. Kapadia has spend many years in the field of hair restoration and they consider several factors before they decide the final cost. Generally, the following factors are considered at the time of deciding the cost.

  • Type of Hair Loss:

Hair loss may be temporary or permanent. If the hair loss is temporary, the surgery may treat the patients with the help of medications and when the condition is permanent, medication would not work and the surgeon needs to perform a surgical procedure. As you may observe, the cost of both of the treatments would be different.

  • The Grade of Baldness:

Nor-wood baldness divides the baldness into seven main phases and every next phase is more severe than the previous one. Naturally, the cost of the treatment would depend on the severity of the disease.

  • The Required Number of Hair Grafts:

The patients need more grafts when the baldness is at the peak stage. On the other hand, the treatment is not costly if the surgeon has to restore the only hairline.

  • Hair Transplant Techniques:

The surgeons use two main hair transplant techniques: FUT and FUE and both of the techniques have different cost structures. Generally, FUE is considered more costly than FUT.

  • Offers and Discounts:

All the authentic clinics have some offers or discounts to help the patients manage the cost of the treatment.

These factors are important when the experts of the clinic provide the final cost structure.

Apart from these factors, some other factors also decide the cost of the hair transplant, such as:

  • Experience of the Surgeon:

Experienced surgeons provide ensured results so that, the cost would be high if you have the treatment under the supervision of experienced surgeons.

  • The Reputation of the Clinic:

The clinics having a high success rate are reliable and trusted and have a high reputation in the field of hair restoration. So, they are more costly than the normal clinics.

  • Place of the Clinic:

The cost of the hair transplant may different according to the place of the clinic. Moreover, you have to pay more if you undergo the surgery in a clinic that is far from your city.

  • Miscellaneous Fees:

The fees for clothes, anesthesia, medicines may also affect the final cost.

  • The Cost Structure in the Avenues Cosmetic:

The process of deciding the cost is very transparent in the Avenues clinic. the experts of the clinic will diagnose your problem and tell you about your treatment options. The cost of the treatment is decided after the treatment plan is fixed and the clinic offers some finance plans that are included in the final cost of the treatment. thus, if you worried about Hair Transplant cost in India the Avenues clinic of Ahmedabad would be the best for you. Visit the clinic for having a meeting soon.

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