10 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Posted by Ryan Justin on October 23rd, 2018

The secrets of good health start with a good sleeping time. This is all that has become a topic to discuss – as teenagers are missing it; while young people and those who are cross the age of 40, it has become more important. You can see people getting the hours of sleeping optimal for their age. A good night’s sleep is just as vital as other routine works in day to day life. Poor sleep has various negative effects on your daily performance, hormones and brain function too.

If not taken proper sleep about 7-8 hours, it can cause weight gain and increase disease risk in both adults and teenagers.

A good sleep is the secret to help you eat less, exercise better and stay healthy. For better optimization of your health or lose weight, getting a good night’s sleep is vital and of course one of the most important thing to do.

In order to improve the sleep quality, here are a few proven tips:

Stay Away from Blue Light Revelation and Increase Bright Light Experience

Natural day light is beneficial for your health and eyesight too. However, lighting in the night has opposite effects. Blue light is the worst – emitted in large amounts from electronic devices. Reducing Blue light exposure is vital.  Increasing bright light exposure is equally important that helps in keeping your circadian rhythm healthy; while it improves daytime energy and night-time sleep quality.

Avoid Consuming Caffeine

Avoiding caffeine consumption late in the day is helpful in improving the sleeping quality. Late day caffeine consumption may stop stimulating your nervous system from naturally relaxing at night. For better sleep, you should not consume caffeine at least 6 hours before bed.

Stay Away from Long Daytime Naps

Short power naps are beneficial for your health; but, long and irregular napping for the duration of day can cause health issues. Napping for a few minutes in a day can enhance your brain function and help in improving the sleeping quality.

Add Certain Supplements in Your Diet

Taking a few and certain supplements are beneficial in improving the sleep quality. Melatonin is one of them – key sleeping hormone that signals your brain to relax and head to bed. It is the best supplement to asleep faster. There are also some other supplements to add in your diet that include Glycine, valerian root, Ginkgo Biloba, Magnesium, Lavender and L-Theanine.

Stop Alcoholic Drinks or Take Less

Alcoholic drinks may have negative effects and may affect your sleep and hormones too. You should avoid taking alcohol as it decreases natural nighttime elevation in growth hormone and plays a role in a circadian rhythm.

Improve Your Bedroom

Bedroom environment plays a pivotal role in enhancing your sleep quality. Using high-quality mattress – mainly that can keep your posture in right shape or orthopaedic mattress is vital. Setting bedroom temperature is equally important.

Relying on Meditation

Meditation is the secret of good health and flow of positive energy within you. Relying on meditation is the best way of improving your sleep quality.

Late Night Working and Eating Late in Evening

Avoid late night eating as it may impact your sleep quality and natural release of growth hormone and Melatonin. You should eat a few hours before going to bed. Don’t forget to walk at least a mile after dinner. Late night working is not a good way.

Relaxing Bath and Shower

For the better sleep, taking a bath or shower is the best way to refresh you and rejuvenate your body well. Hot bath a few minutes before the bed may improve your sleep quality.

Get a Comfortable Bed, Mattress and Pillow

The most vital and of course a must to have accessories for your bedroom is bed, mattress and pillow. If you are using the right mattress, you can reduce back pain to a great level along with back stiffness and improved sleep quality.

Selection of the best mattress and bedding is vital to improve overall quality of your sleep. You should choose the best branded mattresses like King Koil – a reputed brand with more than 100 years of experience and proven track record of installation in more than 10 million hotel rooms worldwide.

Summary: There are a few proven tips that help you in improving your sleep quality. Choosing the best bed, mattress and pillow from top brand is equally important to enhance your sleeping quality.

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