Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Posted by Nabin Shaw on October 24th, 2018

While there are many companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services, it would be wise to understand the different cleaning techniquesthat they use. Not all carpet cleaning techniques work for all types of carpets. To be able to figure out the method that works best for you, you need to study the list below to learn about the different methods that are used to clean carpets:

  1. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaningis also known as hot water extraction. This method uses high pressured hot water to agitate the fibers of the carpet and dissolve any dirt that is found within the carpet.

A cleaning agent is applied on the dirty carpet followed by the agitation using a brush. Afterward, the carpet is then rinsed thoroughly and then left to dry.

A 3,000sq ft carpet would take approximately 2 hours to clean. The same carpet would require about 4 hours to dry. It’s advisable that the carpets be cleaned in the late afternoon and left to dry overnight; by the next day the carpet is dried out and can be brought back in the house.

  1. Foam Encapsulation

The foam encapsulation method uses synthetic detergents that usually crystallize to powders when they're dry. The dirt particles in the carpet are encapsulated into powder form when the synthetic detergents dry up.

The powder is then vacuumed or brushed off.

This method does not use much water compared to other methods and, therefore, the carpets take a much shorter time to dry up. This method also uses more environmentally friendly products. For this reason, the foam encapsulation method has significantly gained popularity among most homeowners.

The only problem with encapsulation is that heavy soiling on carpets cannot be cleaned completely.

  1. Carpet Shampooing

This method of cleaning was popular before the 1970s when foam encapsulation technology was introduced. The main advantage of shampoo carpet cleaning is that it can clean heavily soiled carpets. However, a large amount of wet foam is left behind. Carpets that are cleaned by shampooing usually take longer to dry and end up becoming sticky. This makes carpet shampooing a less popular method.

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method is also referred to as the compound cleaning method. This technology was invented in the 80s and is preferred to the more conventional methods of cleaning carpets such as steam carpet cleaning.

This method has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and convenience; you do not need to dry the carpet after it has been cleaned.

The cleaning compound is applied to the lower part of the carpet using a rotating machine. The brush from the rotating motorized machine opens up the fibers so that the cleaning compound can settle in. The result is a thoroughly and well­cleaned carpet.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This cleaning method involves the use of a heavy duty machine to clean the top part of the machine. The motorized machine has a spinning pad which is dipped in the cleaning solution before the process starts.

Bonnet cleaning is appropriate for use in heavy traffic public areas such as hotel hallways.

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