Sterilization Principle Of Fruit Juice Production Line

Posted by chirtyjimei on October 30th, 2018

Juice is a small part of the fruit, and the fruit contains an overview of natural nutrition. The juice production line is suitable for the production and processing of apple, pear and peach juice. The Fruit Juice Production Line increases the efficiency of workers and equipment tools, increases the man-hour consumption of individual products, and reduces costs (equivalent to increased per capita production).
In China, fruit juice and vegetable juice beverages should have a juice content of no less than 10%, otherwise they will belong to other juices (syrups) and juice drinks. It is defined as fresh or frozen fruit as a raw material and processed product. Most of it uses a beating process to process the edible portion of the fruit or fruit into a non-fermented fermented pulp or slurry. The concentration added to the concentrated pulp is equal to the amount of naturally dehydrated water, resulting in the fruit color, flavor and soluble solidity of the raw fruit. Product content.
The juice production line heats the proteins in the cell protoplasts and changes the semi-permeability of the cells while softening the pulp. Pectin hydrolysis, reducing the viscosity of the juice, thereby increasing juice yield. Processing conditions: 60 - 70 ° C / 15 - 30 minutes. The special requirements in the production of turbid juice are more for glass bottle packaging products, and tinplate products are rarely used. There is no need for homogenization of frozen juices and concentrated juices, and the presence of large amounts of oxygen in the juice can cause Vc in the juice to be destroyed. Oxygen reacts with various components of the juice to make the aroma and color worse and the heating is more pronounced. Vacuum degassing and nitrogen exchange are often used.
Sterilization principle of juice production line: It is necessary to kill microorganisms and minimize the impact on product quality. Common methods: high temperature and short time after sterilization (93±2°C/15~30s) filling: high temperature filling (hot filling) and low temperature filling (cold filling). Fruit drinks, in addition to paper containers, are mostly hot-filled (due to full-volume filling, the volume of cooled juice is reduced and a certain degree of vacuum is formed inside the container).
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