Microsoft Word Overview & Introduction

Posted by Stechies on October 31st, 2018

Microsoft Word is a commonly used commercial word processor which has been designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Word is basically a component of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, however this can also be bought as a stand-alone product. This is available for both the Windows as well as for Macintosh operating systems. Originally launched in the year 1983 and has been renamed many times ever since.

Microsoft Word is often referred to as Word or MS Word. In 1981, Microsoft had hired Charles Simonyi for developing a word-processing application. The first version of this application was released in 1983 though it wasn’t very popular in the initial years due to its radically different look as compared to WordPerfect, which was the leading word processor during that time.

1.Copy, Paste, And Cut With Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can check with anyone for these shortcuts — Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + X to cut — and this will show their timesaving nature. Once you become a pro at using these basic commands you will be working at a faster pace simply zooming through the document creation.

2 Select Text Quickly

One can simply triple-click anywhere within a paragraph for selecting the whole paragraph in Word, or you could press the CTRL key and click anywhere within the sentence for selecting the whole sentence.

An individual can also select the rectangular blocks of text in a Word document, like the marquee tool in Photoshop, and just apply to format to the designated area. Simply hold down the ALT key and drag the mouse for selecting any rectangular area.

3 Move Around Faster

In case one is working on a very lengthy Word document, just press the Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut for cycling through the spots which you have recently edited. Also, on opening an existing document inside Word, the same Shift+F5 shortcut takes the user to the location he was initially working on when the document was closed last.

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4 Change The Sentence CASE

Choose some text in Word and then press Shift+F3 for quickly changing the case of the selection. This would toggle between the UPPERCASE, lowercase and Camel Case (first letter in capital) and will help you if have by mistake left the CAPS LOCK key on during typing.

5 Delete Entire Words At a Time.

This is quite easy, yet people are unaware about this command: instead of slowly pecking at the keyboard for deleting the text, or holding down, just backspace for removing the words or all the sentences, only press Ctrl+Backspace with the cursor placed after a word you want to erase a word at a time, which makes it very easy.

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