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Core values encompass personal or organizational fundamental beliefs. They are guiding principles that determine behavior as well as action.  They can also help in knowing what is right from wrong and can help organizations in determining the right track in fulfilling their business goals. This paper discusses life and corporate core values and end with an example of how core values are depicted in a 2009 film called ‘UP.'

Life Core Values

            Usually, when people discuss the reasons as to why they developed a friendship, many always mention considering some values. They often talk about core values or internal beliefs that determine their life (Brodholt & Nimmo, 2002). Life core values can take different dimensions among people. Some of the life core values include belief in God and an affiliation with a religious institution, believing in being a good resource steward and exercising frugality, believing that honesty is the best policy, believing that family is fundamental and that trust has to be earned and believing in sustaining a good work and life balance. Caregiver always tries to instill these positive core values among children. Usually, core values must not always be positive. Some individuals can be driven by self-interest and these constitute core values too if they dictate how they live.

Corporate Core Values

            Just as individuals, an organization can have core values. These constitute guiding principles that define the way the organization behaves.  Usually, they are expressed through mission statements (Scott, Jaffe & Tobe, 1993). Some of the best examples of company core values can include A commitment to sustainability and to pursuing ends through the environmentally friendly way. Firms such as Patagonia and coca-cola have environmental sustainability as their core value. Another example of core values in a company can be a commitment to innovation and excellence. Computer companies such as Apple are perhaps best known for this commitment as a core value.  In particular, Apple embodied this in their motto “Think Different" Another example of corporate core values is a commitment to doing well for the whole. For example, Google believes in creating a great search engine and developing a great organization without evil. Company and individual core values are similar as they are both guiding principles. Corporate entities can also have negative core values.  Organizations that are mainly motivated by profit, lying to their customers about dangers of products can be under core values of self-interest and an overly strong profit objective.

Leadership through film

            The 2009 ‘Up ‘film presents a good example of core values in life. The core values in this film include Tenacity, Healing, and Friendship.  This is a love and a friendship story rolled up in one. This film is an example of a child turning a grouchy, old person’s heart toward all things good with love as well as friendship being among them.  The main core value in this film is never to give up; you’re never too old to realize great dreams.  Hence, this film is coiled around commitment as life core value.


            To conclude, core values are guiding principle for both individuals and organizations.  While many people are always inclined towards positive core values, others are inconsiderate to others making them pursue negative core values. The 2009 UP film presents an example of the core value in life that can make one succeed. Therefore, core values are important in guiding both personal and corporate objectives.


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