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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 13th, 2018

Extrusion is a manufacturing technique generally used for forming thermoplastic compounds into unremitting products like synthetic fibers, monofilaments, cord, cable, filaments, tubes, cast film, rods, and sheeting.

Plastic extrusion aids in producing products that are invaluable in many industries.  And it is responsible for the production of window frames, wire insulation, adhesive tapes, tubing and piping. It is generally a procedure where raw plastic is melted in order to form the needed product. The procedure begins using a resin of thermoplastic, fed or injected into the extruder’s barrel. After this, colorants and pellet ultraviolet inhibitors or liquid are mixed in with the resin.

In order to achieve the anticipated outcomes of the procedure, a screw is used. And the designs of the screw vary based on the kind of polymer used in the procedure. The screw designs have five zones knowns as: decompression, pressurizing, melt, feed, and mixing zones.

The Process of Plastic Extrusion

The plastic material enters the feed throat. This procedure allows the plastic to get closer to the screw. The role of the screw is to make the resin move. The barrel is then heated in order to get to the correct temperature needed by the molten plastic. Gradual heating is required in order for the resin to liquefy, which will then allow it to be pushed to the barrel’s other end. Care is required since overheating might damage the quality of the material used.

Ideally, the liquefied plastic then leaves the screw and proceeds through the screen pack. It is at this point and this part of the process where contaminants are also eliminated from the melted plastic. In order to be certain that the melting, as well as the mixing procedure, is done properly, a breaker plate assembly is an invaluable tool to use. The melted plastic then goes directly to the die, to form the product that is anticipated to be shaped out of the material.

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