Get Rid of Those Blood-Sucking Bed Bugs ASAP!

Posted by swapnil jukunte on November 16th, 2018

Bed bugs are sneaky little insects that hide in your bed sheet and suck blood, leaving red itchy marks. Pune has become more like the hub for bed bugs and thus, you need to get in touch with the pest control for bed bugs. Finding them isn’t easy and they multiply quickly into a thousand. Getting rid of them living in your house shall be very difficult. So, get on it right away!

How to find out if you have bed bugs in your house?

If there are bed bugs residing in your house, the signs are pretty obvious.

  1. If you kill them, you will find blood smeared on sheets.
  2. You will find hatched eggs everywhere.
  3. If you wake up with red itchy marks on your skin, those are bites from bed bugs.
  4. And lastly, their faeces smell horrible.

If you come across these signs, there are surely bed bugs in your house. You cannot deal with them alone because they are hard to find and it’s thousands of them against you. You require professional services and exterminators need to be involved in order to get rid of bed bugs once and for all.

How does pest control work?

Firstly, their entire process takes time. They require periodic intervals before applying chemicals each time. Their methodology includes these three steps:

  • If you have witnessed bed bugs, pest control services will start their inspection. First, they search all the beds, pieces of furniture, linens and rugs. Also, they will check every nook and corner of your house and try to find where the bed bugs have settled themselves.
  • After their inspection is done, they will discuss the measures with you and how they think it should be treated. If you approve the plan, they will start working on it. Their planning is always effective and they will make sure to get rid of the larvae so that there is no scope left for them to enter in the house again.
  • They will schedule follow-up visits to keep an eye on the improvements and ensure that your house is well maintained and not allowing any further infestation of bed bugs in your home.

These pest control services will ensure that you and your family are well protected before using any chemicals that might be harmful.  After they are done with your house, do not enter immediately. Wait for them to give a green signal and make sure you follow all their preventive measures like cover the mouths and noses so that you do not breathe in any chemicals.

Pest control services take full responsibility about the pre-cautions and they keep the treated house under surveillance unless they can be absolutely sure that bed bugs are gone!

So, if you are living in Pune and cannot take bed bugs anymore, reach out to the pest control for bed bugs and keep your home safe!


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