4 Major Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid in Mobile App Marketing

Posted by fluperofficial on November 16th, 2018

Whether it is reading the news, socializing, shopping, navigating and more, mobile apps have enriched our daily lives and enabled us to do almost everything from our phones. Therefore, investing in mobile app development is right now could be one of the best decisions for your life! But, no one can deny the fact that creating a mobile application is a difficult task, whether it is for any category. With the presence of top Android and iOS app development companies, the dream of having a wonderful app became true for various startups and big organizations.

First of all, it is important to note that having an effective marketing strategy is as crucial as the mobile app development process. When you are building an app, marketing mistakes can cost you big time. You might be thinking how?

Here is the answer-

As the number of apps in the market continues to skyrocket, having a mobile app marketing plan in place will be essential to the success of your app. Also, do not count on it becoming an overnight success! You have to put a lot of effort, so it’s better to create a pre-launch marketing strategy. Well, your pre-launch marketing will establish the general opinion and popularity of your app when it launches, which can dictate how many people decide to download it. On the other hand, when your app is launched you need to continue marketing in it a way that entices people to download it. Or else, you could see a sales slump and a bad overall return on your investment. Don’t let that happen!

Mobile app development companies trying to figure out the best marketing strategies for mobile apps should check out the list below I have mentioned so they know what not to do while mobile app marketing-

1-     Treating the Mobile Experience like it is the Desktop

A mobile customer will quickly discard awesome designs that mimic desktop content page-for-page. Mobile app developers need to understand that the mobile users are much less likely to scroll through a bunch of information to find what they want. It is well known that there is less space on a mobile screen and being on the go makes the user lose patience quicker. In this case, this is important for a mobile app to be mobile friendly because exploiting the benefits of mobile will make you focus on what is really valuable and important to the user.

If you already have a desktop site or app, then strip down the functionality to a few core tasks. It will be really helpful.

2-    Thinking that Publishing Alone will Create Massive Downloads

So, your app has been finally ready! And the App Store finally approved it, so let the thousands of downloads begin, right? No, that’s not right! After creating a successful app, there are so many things skilled app developers should consider for significant downloads that would happen during, and after launch. But, the most important thing that app developers overlook is ASO, i.e. App Store Optimization.

Most people discover apps simply from browsing the app store. So, if you haven’t yet optimized your app in a way that allows it to be found easily, there’s a superior chance you will miss out on lots of sales. Everything from utilizing your existing web presence to endorse your app and to implementing a great ASO strategy to get your app to the top of the charts.

3-    Ignoring the App’s Customer Base

Reaching to the target audiences is the prime motive for the businesspersons, especially when it comes to mobile apps having a potential customer base is a must! Too many companies are highly spending in mobile apps and then making it impossible to take the last step of connecting to the people who download the app. By creating two-way communication channels within your app, you can make each consumer feel special.

Also, you should clearly state this message when having a “Feedback” button noticeable enough that no user can miss it.

4-    Thinking once Downloaded the User is Permanent

You will be amazed to know that for most of the apps, 90% of the people who download your app are gone within 6 months! Yes, just because you might have high download numbers, does not mean your users are gaining value from your app on a consistent basis.

In that case, it is important to understand that if the app is not evolving with the user and not creating a memorable experience for them on a regular basis, they are bound to leave. Find out the hub values you bring and utilize them to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

With millions of apps struggling each other for discoverability across a variety of app marketplaces, perfection and proactive engagement remains the key to ensure success. In this respect, it is always important to stay clear of certain mistakes that undermine your effort as a developer. Here, I hope my research will surely help you to create a successful marketing strategy of the app by avoiding above major mistakes.  I would definitely say that these are the major mistakes that every iOS, as well as android app developers, should avoid at any cost.

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