Reasons to use CBD for pets

Posted by Matheiu Robine on December 5th, 2018

Cats and dogs are the most popular pet animals in the world. Other than that freshwater and saltwater fish, birds, horses, small animals like rabbits, rats; reptiles, etc are few of the other common types of pets people love to keep at home. Whatever the species, pets are a source of tremendous joy and companionship to their owners with the majority of pet lovers considering the animal as part of their family rather than just an animal. At times when these pets are sick and are feeling low, the use of CBD for pets is gaining preference amongst pet owners. It is especially true for mammals like cats and dogs that have the endocannabinoid system which carries out many biological processes within the body. The endocannabinoid system, also called ECS, has two receptors that interact with cannabinoids that are produced naturally by the brain. Hence when they come in contact with phyto-cannabinoids or cannabinoids derived from plants like CBD, they cause lots of beneficial reactions in the body.

Administering CBD to pets

CBD for pets can be administered orally either through drops or health bites. The best way to apply the drops is to pour about 3 to 5 drops on the mid-section of the tongue or through the gum line. The other method is to add requisite drops to the animal’s food or water. The healthy bites, on the other hand, can be given as snacks to the pet.

Benefits of CBD for pets

CBD or Cannabidiol compound is derived from hemp plants. In recent times, many states in the US have medically legalized cannabis as it has been proven beyond doubt that CBD oils have healing properties. Unlike marijuana that is found in THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive element attached to it and hence is considered safe for consumption by pets.

It benefits the little furry animals in lots of ways:-

• It has amazing curative property when it comes to providing relief from pain. Joint pain is such a common ailment in dogs, especially as they age. Other than that, CBD for pets helps treat chronic problems like broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains, etc. Often veterinarians suggest giving the pet the CBD treatment along with conventional drugs.

• CBD oil is best for handling your pet’s anxiety related issues. Situational anxiety is events that happen once in a while like lightning, noise from fireworks and crackers, crowded places while traveling, etc. Administering the right dosage of CBD helps dogs and cats to relax during stress and phobias as it has a calming effect on the system of animals.

• Due to its anticonvulsant nature, CBD for pets is ideal for treating them during seizures, spasms, and tremors.

• CBD oil is considered to be very useful in increasing the appetite of the animal. It also helps handle digestive problems, feeling of nausea and bowel diseases.
Recent studies have also proved that CBD is good in hampering the growth of cancerous cells in the animal body.

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