Tips for successfull Horse Racing Betting

Posted by salim14 on October 1st, 2010

Horse racing betting is not only a thrilling and exciting game but also a lucrative activity if you know how to do it perfectly. Well, the basic idea of horse racing betting is to outdo the odd compilers or the odd makers( people that set the odds on horses). You can bet through sports books. Or instead of using a sports book, you can make your bet through online or over the phone. While betting, you need to choose a horse, the kind of bet and the amount you want to bet. The odd makers will offer the range of odds depending on which you need to choose your amount.

Before making a decision you should do your homework and find out everything you can about horses, tracks and the various types of horse racing betting.Equip yourself with knowledge, judgment and analysis to win the game . You may follow this quick tips:

Bet on horses that have a bright chances of winning and those have won races before.

Go for the value instead of heavy backing . Often beginners bet on popular names that may win more races but yields a little value.

Checkout whether the horse is better on a turf or dirt. They are usually not good at both. Also pay close attention to the track condition. A dry-track horse will not perform well on a wet track and vice versa.

Avoid betting on a newly-moved up in class horses, outsiders, favorite and long shots.

Try to make a straight bet because it is easier to win.Bet on a horse that starts fast on a slow, heavy or muddy track. So always there will be a chance to win .

Look carefully on the prices and odds just before the race begins. A steep drop in odds or rise in price would mean someone has precious information about the horse winning.

Go by the starting price that sports books or odd makers offer since they have good knowledge of winning horses. In case because of a huge number of betters preferring a particular horse making the prices of the first two favorite horses to drop, bet on these horses if their prices soar up with the race nearing.

Choose a horse that has raced recently. Even if a winning horse is out of action for a few weeks it will indicate an ailment or injury. Avoid such a horse.?

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