28 Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

Posted by Peter on January 9th, 2019

There has been rapid progress in the field and everyone is now looking up to their social media profiles and digital marketing agency in order to generate traffic and sales.

Since you are here, on this web page, then there is a great chance that you must know about what digital marketing really is but even if that concept is alien to you, let us help you with that.

Digital marketing

The process of reaching out to numerous customers and target audience by using the internet or digital space is known as digital marketing. Online marketing or more referred to as, digital marketing involves a number of tools and techniques that can be brought into use virtually and promote a specific product, service or business.

So, this is basically what digital marketing is, reaching out to potential customers through digital space. it may seem a bit easy to use but it does come with complex strategies that a digital marketeer needs to be aware of.

Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

Talking about internet marketing, let’s discuss a few fun facts about this phenomenon, things and facts that you may not have heard before. Let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Active accounts

If we talk in general, there are more than 1.7 billion people active on social media on a daily basis.

  1. Preference of buyers

Did you know that social media has had such an impact that 46% of the purchasers prefer using social media while buying anything?

  1. Difficulty while accessing

Most of the users, approximately 47% people on the social media get frustration if they are unable to access their email accounts or Facebook.

  1. Most searchable category

According to an analytical research, the most searched category on Pinterest is food. Apparently, people love to talk about food and aesthetics.

  1. Traffic generation

According to Google, those websites that blog more than 15 times a month generate 10 times more traffic as compared to other websites.

  1. Usage of videos

A landing page that consists of video tutorial or an animated explainer has a rate generating 70% leads into sales.

  1. Attention time span

The maximum attention time span of an internet user is 20 seconds. If you are not able to grab its attention within first 20 seconds, you will most likely lose your lead.

  1. Hashtags on Instagram

On Instagram 53% of posts have at least one hashtag. 20% have more than 6 hashtags.

  1. Text compared to videos

80% of the internet user prefer watching a video than reading text.

  10. Twitter recommendations

Even though it is not really famous for product marketing but according to recent survey, 53% of users on Twitter recommend products and brands at some point.

  11. Relying on blogs

Influencer marketing has created a revolution among the customers. 70% of the purchasers now reely on blogs in or der to buy something new.

  12. Average rank of content

Any content that has more than 2000 words on the internet has 80% more chances of ranking among the top 10 websites on Google.

  13. Fastest growing users on Twitter

According to a recent research, the fastest growing users on Twitter are grandparents.

  14. Use of Instagram

Every day, people around the globe upload around 70 to 80 million photos and videos on Instagram.

  15. Social media as a news source

Social media stands third as news source at 28% after television and newspaper. It’s followed by radio at 19% and other print media at 6%.

  16. Average response time

Social media has made it easier for the buyers to interact with companies directly. The average response rate of a company to its buyer is 9 hours at maximum.

  17. New startups

For all the entrepreneurs, it has been observed that social media is 80% more beneficial for generating leads and then converting them into sales.

  18. Crossover members

Twitter and Instagram have 50% crossover members.

  19. Social media and business strategies

Even though, 78% of organization now have a dedicated social media page but only 26% of them utilize business strategies to reach out potential leads.

  20. User experience

According to 83% of the consumers, they have had a bad experience with social media marketing.

  21. Average time spent on Twitter

Each active user on Twitter spend approximately 170 minutes per day on Twitter, actively tweeting.

  22. Languages of Twitter

Twitter is now being supported in 33 languages.

  23. Facebook pages

Even though Facebook pages have recently endured a backlash because of Instagram but still, there are 50 million active pages on the social media platform.

  24. Content marketing on LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is famous for creating connections with CEOs and other professional persona but 83% of the users use LinkedIn for content marketing.

  25. Twitter as a country

If there had been a proposal of making Twitter a country, it would have been the 12th largest country of the world.

  26. Users on Instagram

64% of Instagram users are women, 36% men. 73% of users are between 15 and 35 years old.

  27. Vlogging

Video marketing has recently become a huge thing because of YouTube. Companies and influencer are now opting for vlogging more efficiently.

  28. Mobile users

78% of users on Facebook are mobile only users.

So, these were a few fun facts about digital marketing. If you think digital marketing is something precise and concise, these facts should have now given new a whole new dimension to see things from. Internet is growing every day and by that, the number of people who use it is growing as well.

The more the merrier, right? So, this was all on today’s doze of digital marketing. If you have any questions regarding digital space, feel free to contact us through email or you can just leave your feedback in the comments below.

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