Why Manual Handling Training Is So Much Important

Posted by Auscare Group on January 15th, 2019

Manual Handling Training is the activity which involves the use of a human body to lift, lower, fill, empty and carry goods. According to the Health and Safety Executive(HSE), There are lot of injuries that take place in various workplaces due to lack of incorrect and improper Manual Handling Training. In order to prevent or reduce the risk of injury or from incorrect manual handling, one should advise risk assessments which are carried out for manual handling tasks which occurs on regular basis like the lifting of heavy loads. It’s a recommended method as the managers can’t be present every time in all places, so developing the culture with an amazing workforce. They are self-regulated and are happy to learn from each other. It is done so that companies can manage things safely in the workplace. All these objectives could be achieved with the help of appropriate Manual Handling Training.

Importance of manual handling in daily lives

There is a huge importance of providing the correct Manual Handling Training. Spreading the correct awareness is equally important as the person who is holding a lot of load behind his back could get less hurt. With the help of proper manual training, we can reduce a lot of risks just by following some simple steps in our daily lives.

  • Being physically fit could reduce the risk of injuries which one can face during the Manual Handling Training.
  • Maintaining the correct posture as the spinal alignment which would ensure that the load is uniformly distributed. The spine must be kept in its normal curves so that you get less hurt.
  • Wear comfortable clothing with closed shoes. With this avoid twisting and bending. This would create less effect on the nervous system and would reduce the back pain.
  • Before performing any task just make sure that all the obstacles are removed so that you don’t get exposed to any kind of slipping and tripping hazards.
  • Avoid overreaching. Move your body close to the load as it would help in securing the grip which could avoid high pressure behind your back.
  • If you are doing a one- side lift always rest the other hand in your knee so that you could get support. It will also help in assisting with the spinal alignment. This is the case which is also seen at a wider level which is enough to keep the life at risk if not followed properly.

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