The Ins and Outs of Commercial Bookcases

Posted by Office Furniture on January 29th, 2019

The right commercial bookcase must be stylish and functional, offering ample space to file documents whilst reflecting the look, feel and ethos of your business. Over the last few years bookcases have become a focal point for advances in design and there are now more choices than ever available to suit your individual needs. Whether it is metal frame or a wooden structure, a commercial bookcase is a simple way of creating ambience and offering storage.

Which style?

Depending on the function of your commercial bookcase, there is a style out there that is right for you and your office and it depends greatly on the amount of space you have and the character of your business. If your office lacks natural light, you should opt for a lighter shade of wood which will draw in extra light. Alternatively, you can offset darker wooden features with metal or industrial style shelving.

The style of commercial bookcases also depends on what you will be displaying. If you are using the bookcase to hold files, reference books or any important paperwork, you should ensure that your shelves offer ample support and are generous in depth and width. If, however, your commercial bookcases are displaying items such as artwork or trophies, you might wish to protect these with a lockable glass door.

A modern industrial look, using metal and glass frames, can be helpful in creating a fun and contemporary atmosphere and can leave an impression of creativity and innovativeness. Conversely, a more traditional environment calls for deeper wooden structures which create an impression of solidity and trustworthiness.

What to look out for

When investing in commercial bookcases, you should be aware of space and purpose. If you select a bookcase that is too big for your office, it can actually lose its purpose and create a crowded atmosphere. Likewise, if the style does not match the ethos of your business, it can distort the impression you are trying to convey. You must be very careful when selecting the right commercial bookcase and weigh up its purpose, style and size before committing.

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