What You?ll Learn in Radiology CME

Posted by auntminniecme on February 25th, 2019

If you love working in the medical field but want a new challenge, then you may want to consider taking a course for radiology CME for nurse practitioners. As part of your job requirements, you’ll need to take continuing medical education classes no matter what you do. Radiology is a particularly useful one, as it is a growing field around the country. More and more hospitals, medical offices, and other facilities are using a wider variety of medical imaging techniques, and they need people to use and read their machines. If you take one of these courses, you’ll cover a lot of information about the field.

General Knowledge

The main part of radiology training is learning how to operate imaging equipment and read the results, but you’ll need to know more than that in order to get through the course. You’ll also learn about the effects of radiation on the human body and really dive into what the machines do to give you the information you need. You’ll also learn about radiation safety to help you learn the proper procedure for handling this equipment and for protecting yourself and your patients.

Meeting Requirements

Whether you’re getting your radiology CME for physician assistants or nurse practitioners, you have a lot of material to learn and a lot that you’ll be tested on. A good CME course will not only help prepare you for the hands-on part of the job; it will also help you with the knowledge-based portion that will prepare you for testing. The goal of the course is to help you not only learn the field but also meet your medical requirements. Of course, your workplace will probably have its own set of rules and requirements in place, but you’ll also have to submit your credits to your state medical board.


When you’re looking into radiology CME for nurse practitioners, you might want to look at some topic-specific credits. If you take one of these courses, then you can specialize in a specific type of imaging equipment. You might, for instance, want to read mammography, and so you would take course on breast imaging, or you might want to get your fluoroscopy license. If you already have your license, then you’ll still need more CME to renew it periodically. Whether you want to narrow down your focus or learn a little bit of everything, if you need to get continuing medical education in radiology, contact AuntMinnieCME today.

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