How to plan a healthy grocery shopping?

Posted by Supermarche byblos on February 25th, 2019

When you go out grocery shopping, you really have a tough time picking up what to buy and what not to. The grocery stores in Montreal have abundance of fresh items to be bought. When you go grocery shopping, you should prefer having a list of the things that you will be purchasing. This will make it easier for you to stick to your plan. Plan your healthy grocery shopping within a budget for better advantages.

Bakery and bread

If you are looking forward to stay healthy, you need to purchase the whole wheat bread. The whole wheat tortillas and bread items can help you stay healthy. Before you purchase, you need to check with the package if it has the 'whole-wheat’ mentioned on the label. These usually contain less than 100 calories which helps you stay healthy.

Meat and seafood

There are several meat stores in Saint Laurent that can help you get the best meat. Apart from that you should also check with the seafood availability. However, for these you should look forward to buying ground turkey, skinless chicken, salmon or mackerel. Reducing the sodium content on your good can help you stay healthy.

Cereal and breakfast food

The local grocery store in Montreal has a section for cereal and breakfast. You should prefer buying the breakfast cereals in bulk, so that you do not need to rush to the grocery market regularly. Some of the things that should make its way in the cereals and breakfast section includes oatmeal, multi-grain and wholegrain cereals along with cereal bars. However, make sure that these bars are low in sugar and high in fibre. To enhance the flavour of these cereals, you can add berries and nuts or even dried fruits.

Frozen foods

The grocery store in Saint Laurent have a section for frozen foods. These can prove to be beneficial for your overall health. Some of the prominent things that you can try for your frozen food include frozen shrimp, whole grain waffles, frozen fruits which may include raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and even more. There is a section for frozen vegetables such as peas, carrots, spinach and broccoli too.

Dairy, cheese and eggs

When you choose to buy the dairy products, make sure to check with the expiration dates. You can purchase in smaller amounts for better benefits. The grocery stores keep a number of flavoured cheese too. So, you can check what you want. Nonetheless, make sure that you do not purchase these in abundance but in small amounts. To enhance your taste buds, you can buy a jar of fresh fruit jam.


Snacks never go out of style as far as your daily basic needs are concerned. You can buy dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, figs and even more. The whole grain crackers are available in the market and you can definitely try these. You can buy a bar of dark chocolate too. Get fresh food delivery at home in Montreal

Never go grocery shopping without preparing a list. However, if you have been following a diet, you can try out the whole list of things.

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