How Cubicles can maximize the use of your office space

Posted by Office Furniture on February 25th, 2019

Since their invention in the late 1960s, office cubicles have been seen around the globe. Nowadays, many businesses seem to have fallen out of love with the cubicle office layout in favor of open-plan offices. Don’t write them off, however, modern-day cubicles can be really beneficial to your business. Here’s how:

A Room within a Room

Designing office space is not an easy task. There are many occasions where workers might need some quiet space that is a bit more private than an open-plan office. Instead of getting the builders in to put up some stud walls and create side rooms, you should consider cubicles. Cubicles are really versatile because they create a certain degree of privacy but take up considerately less space and resources than creating separate office rooms. If noise is the main reason for opting for cubicles rather than open plan desks, you can have cubicles that have clear glass panels. These are pretty good at keeping out sound but make you feel like the office is more open plan!

Visible Workers

When we’re talking about maximizing the use of your office space, we’re not just talking about cramming as many people into a space as possible. With cubicles, you can maximize productivity in an office space too. Imagine that all employees are sitting in individual offices separated by full-size walls and doors. It is quite easy for a worker to not work so hard in this situation. After all, they’re not visible by managers or colleagues. You can’t tell if they’re on a go-slow or having a 5-minute break to scroll through their social media accounts. With cubicles, your workers get to have a degree of privacy and have a workspace that is free from distractions, but they are also visible, which helps with productivity.

More Collaborative Workforce

Using cubicles not only maximizes office space in terms of productivity but it also encourages more collaborative work. With cubicles, it’s a lot easier for workers to gather thoughts and ideas of each other. Workers will feel more part of a team and will feel more a part of the core of the business when sharing space with other team members.

Maximizing Use of Office Space

All in all, cubicles tick loads of boxes. These days, modern cubicles are so versatile. They maximize the physical office space since they obviously don’t take up as much room as private offices with walls. Secondly, they maximize productivity in the office space whilst retaining a degree of privacy. Finally, they maximize the collaborative approach of the workforce.

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