A proper guide for solar power systems

Posted by dennishahn on March 13th, 2019

Solar power systems are becoming more popular day by day. And, why not! It is one of the best power systems that can be used to generate electricity. The need for electricity has increased so much that if we continue to exploit fossils and coal at this rate, we will run on it very soon. This is why it is needed to look for an alternative renewable source of energy and solar energy fits perfectly into it.

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The prices of the solar panels and cost electricity are also coming down due to the government subsidies and advancement in the technologies like the solar power systems Wagga.But since it is very new in the market, not many people are acquainted with how solar system installers Waggaworks and how exactly to use it. In this article, we are going to make solar power systems more familiar to the users.

A proper guide for solar power systems

What is solar power?

The sun is the most significant source of energy, and the heat that is generated from the sunlight is regarded as solar power. The process of converting the sunlight into electricity that can be sued in our daily lives for running TV, other appliances is known as the photovoltaic effect. To generate this electricity, one needs to install the solar power system inside their house and let us see the essential part of it at first, i.e., the solar panels.

What are solar panels?

The solar panels have 60, and 72-cell configurations and these cells are made of silicon. Silicon is an element which has conductive properties. When it is exposed to the sunlight, the electrical characteristics of silicon is changed, and it generates electric current. The cells are square and they, measure around 6” x 6”. They are connected with electric contact plates where the electricity is passed to. The solar panels have a protective backsheet upon which the grid of cells is laid. To protect them further, they are covered with a glass in the front. To provide electricity in home and plants, there will be a need for multiple panels which is known as an array.

What are the other parts of the solar power system?

Other than the panels, there are other components which are integrated with it as well to generate power and let us have a look at them.

1) Inverter

Once the solar panels have captured the energy, these inverters are used to convert this energy into a format that can be used by us to run our appliances.

2) Racking

The entire system is mounted on a surface which is known as racking.

3) Battery

The energy that is generated by the panels also have to be stored for future uses, and it is done in the battery.

4) Utility grid

If your power system has access to the power lines, there will be no need of any additional equipment, and the energy can be fed utility grid from which it can be taken in the night or when there is no more sunlight.

5) Charge controller

It helps in controlling the rate at which the batteries are going to charge themselves from solar energy.

These are some of the basic things about the solar power system that one needs to know. Make sure you read the guarantee and guidelines carefully before installing them.

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