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The paper focuses on an analysis of action research method in its applicability in solving real problems facing organizations. It gives a description of as a leading company offering cloud computing services. The organization requires a sales force administrator who will help it implement the customer relationship management (CRM) service. The problem identified in the operations of is a lack of an efficient data security system. Thus, as the administrator at, action research method of research will be of benefit in provide practical solutions. The paper also has a description of a brief history of action research method, its applications, and the advantages.


            Salesforce is a hot product that created a stir in the technology Industry upon its inception. There are many customers who sign contracts on a daily basis that calls for more Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants. The maturity level of Salesforce requires experienced persons with proven knowledge on the platform.

            The choice of a sales force administrator to an organization is critical since the administrator has an essential role in making the implementation of the sales chain a success. The role of the administrator is not necessarily a full-time position for a small organization. The major challenge is only at the initial stages where the sales force CRM is under development. Once completed, and it goes live, the day to day operations require less time of the administrator. At present, there is software that makes system administration much easier than the conventional traditional software. Each new CRM is easy to set up, customize, maintain, and train the users. The administrator may have programming skills, but it is not mandatory. However, background knowledge of Information Technology is necessary since the whole system works under IT infrastructure (Shellblack, 2013). 

            A sales force administrator requires having certain qualifications that make them stand out among others. It is important that the administrator has a rich understanding of the business processes at hand. In addition, the administrator should understand the culture and organizational structure of the business for easy building of relationships with the key groups. Other skills required include good communication, motivational, and presentation skills. The administrator should also have the desire of listening to the users and communicating their concerns to the management. Analytical skills are important to the administrator for him/her respond to changes easily and also undertake projects effectively. Working as a sales force administrator requires certification from the relevant bodies. It enables them to take full advantage of the Salesforce since they have the required knowledge and confidence. The roles of a sales force administrator are administration, training, managing vendors, and facilitating the growth of the organization (Shellblack, 2013).

   is a worldwide cloud computing company having its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Many customers know it for the service it offers in customer relationship management (CRM). However, it also has other commercial applications of social networking. It is among the biggest American cloud computing services providing companies. It is surprising to note that, the company has never turned a profit since it began its operations in 1999. The company went public in 2004 under the brand name CRM. The Salesforce is the main enterprise that provides companies with a platform for the case to case management and task management. The sales force customer portal gives the customers an opportunity of tracking their cases, social networking with other websites, and analytical tools. It also has the services of emailing, chatting, Google search, and access to customer’s contracts. The sales cloud provided has a real-time sales collaborative feature.

            However, much Sale is a leading cloud computing Company; some changes can be vital to its operations. Among the changes is an improvement in the data security features installed for both the customers and employees. For instance, in 2007; there was a successful phishing attack on the employee contact information. The attackers of the compromised employee contacts used the information to send targeting phishing emails to particular customers. Thus, the security of the users accounts seem to be at stake. It is necessary to improve the security features and procedures in place at As an employee at the, it will be easy to apply the knowledge acquired about data security and establish a secure platform to work on at Salesforce.


            Action Research is a well-organized process of inquiry carried out by and for the individuals having a desire of taking action over a problem. The research has a principle aim of improving the conditions and practices of a certain issue or situation. It can also be a process of providing solutions through various problem-solving activities. Since the common method involves the use of a group of participants, it has comprehensive investigation through action rather than a theoretical perspective. Action Research takes to form of being cyclic, participative, qualitative and reflective (Greenwood & Levin, 2007). The cyclic nature means that similar steps may tend to reoccur until the participants achieve certain solutions. It’s qualitative since it has more of the description of real issues rather than dealing with figures. It’s also reflective since critical reflection is a requirement in every stage of the process. The common principles in use in action research are; the reflexive and dialectical critique, collaborative resource, risk, plural structure, and theory, practice, and transformation.

Brief History of Action Research method

            The origins of Action research are uncertain in the literature available. Brien (2001) explains that action research originated with Kurt Lewin, who was an American psychologist. There are many other researchers, who associated the origin of action research with Science in Education movement, other social reformists before Lewin, and others from development work in low-income countries. However, in 1940s Kurt Lewin developed the theory of action research. He described it as "proceeding in a spiral of steps, each of which has planning, action and the evaluation of the result of action" (Brien, 2001). He argued that the best way of understanding and changing certain social practices was to include practitioners from the real world into the inquiry processes. After the development of the method of research by Lewin, action research became widely accepted as a method of conducting research. The method developed was essential in providing practical solutions to the society and also in the organizations.

Application of action research

            Action research is mostly applicable in dealing with real situations that require certain intervention measures. It does not follow the same format as the experimental studies since its main focus is solving real problems. It is also applicable to conducting preliminary research when the situation is ambiguous for a conventional research method to handle. The method fits in the situations where there is involvement of people and change must take place holistically. Most of the practitioners who apply the approach wish to improve the understanding of what they practice. Professionals use the approach in organizations that require decision-making in a problem that requires action research (Coghlan & Brannick, 2010). The common types of action research in use are traditional, action learning, radical action research, and educational action research.

Advantages of Action Research method

            The approach requires a high level of participation. Thus, both the researchers and the stakeholders become part of the problem solving by designing, implementing, and evaluating the best interventions to provide the solution. Due to the wide participation, the approach tends to have accountability and legitimacy in all the activities (Reason & Bradbury, 2008). The stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the participants in the research process ensure the implementation of both downward and upward accountability in the project work. In addition, the method of research ensures an in-depth understanding of the situation or problem at hand. Due to the engagement of many participants who understand the issue under study, the researchers get a better understanding of the issue. Thus, the solution provided caters for all the concerns raised by the participants. The approach is also good in dealing with complex situations (James et al., 2011). The method works best for the evaluation of problems in which the conventional methods of research may be inappropriate to handle.

            However, the method of research has a limitation in ensuring meaningful participation of all the participants. Some of them may be unwilling to complete certain tasks thereby compromising on the quality of the outcomes. The method is also liable to bias in the information provided.

            In conclusion, Action research method is appropriate for solving problems that organizations face since it offers an opportunity for taking an informed action after the research process.  Action research method is applicable to improving the security situation at since the intervention required is practical. The approach will help in carrying out a study of the data security condition at with an aim of identifying the gaps that might pose a security threat. As an administrator at, it is essential to consider all the methods that are applicable to improving security. The method is appropriate since, after the normal research process, it includes the section of taking an action based on the findings. The action taken considers all the issues identified in the course of the research work.


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