Evolution of Ford 7 litre and 6 litre power stroke diesel engines

Posted by Justin Roy on March 20th, 2019

Ford, a company which is known for its power packed vehicles in motor industry is known for manufacturing automobiles that stand the test of time. Ford motor company is manufacturing the heavy-duty engines under the brand name “Power stroke” since 1994. Ford 6.0 Litre power stroke diesel engine is the legacy which possess raw power, robust strength a better and improved mileage along with long life durability. Since its manufacturing, powerstroke engines are equipped in super heavy-duty trucks (the F-Series). Ford motor company power stroke engines are also under the hood of Ford Excursion, Ford E-series and LCF commercial trucks.

The 7.3-liter power stroke V8 engine was the first one to bear the name of Ford power stroke. Infact, this engine was the rebranding of T444E turbo diesel V8 of Navistar. It was a 444 cubic inch (measured from the top head to the bottom head of the pistons) and approximately 900 pounds of massive engine. Ford designed and produced its own 6.7 litre power stroke engines from the year 2010. Every good thing has some dark side.The 7.3 litre engine had CPS (Camshaft Position Sensor issue), its failure caused no start condition and worse than that the ignition turned off in the midway of operation. 6.0 litres diesel engine of the model year 2003 completely replaced the giant 7.3 litre power stroke engine. The 7.3 litre direct injection power stroke engine was amongst the best engine produced internationally.

In contrast with 444 cubic inch capacity of 7.3 litre engine, the 6.0 litre engine has a 365 cubic inch of capacity. This engine creates a displacement of 5954 cubic centimeter and produces a mighty 325 horse powers and a fuel cutoff of 4200 rounds per minute. Its key specification includes: Split shot Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI) as the fuel injection system, single Variable Vane Geometry (VGT) as the turbo system and a total of 32 valves including 16 intake and 16 exhaust valves as the valve train system (4 valves on each cylinder). Ford Motor company further expanded its 6.0 litre series to 6.4 litre power stroke manufactured in 2008 model year and 6.7 litre power stroke installed under the hood of 2015 medium heavy trucks. The 6.4 litre diesel engine was producing a power of 350 hp and 6.7 litre power stroke diesel engine was counting it at 390 horse powers.

Although you can increase the horsepower of your 6.0 litre power stroke diesel engine by installing turbocharger (commonly called as turbo) on it. Turbocharger makes engine more powerful and fuel efficient and Ford 6.0 diesel turbo rebuild kit will be helpful in successful mounting of the turbocharger. Now a days, there are various online resources from where you can buy such kit easily.

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