Entering The Film Industry? Bring Your Best Foot Forward

Posted by Nishtha Sharma on March 29th, 2019

What’s your favourite past time when you get bored or even for that matter when you are not bored? I am sure watching a movie sure does pop up in your head. I mean, it does not require a lot of hard work on your part. You get up and watch a movie, well nowadays you don't even have to get up, you can grab some popcorn and watch a movie in the comfort of your house.

The film industry has a broad scope; it’s a mix of the technical realm and the creative realm. Before you enter the film industry, you need to know the following profiles that will make you appreciate the industry even more and will provide you with wholesome knowledge of what it takes to make a movie.

Director - What does the director do? Why do they get to take the shots? The answer to this question is because they are all hands on the artistic and as well as the dramatic aspect of the movie while visualizing the screenplay and at the same time, guiding the technical crew and actors.

Even though a lot of it depends on the fact if you are a creative person, but it still needs to be polished by studying it thoroughly from a media institute. One of them being, ZIMA (Zee Institute Of Media Arts). It has an extensive 6-month program which teaches you what direction is all about from ‘who is a director’ till production and marketing of films and television.

Sound Engineer and Audio Engineer - When you go and watch a movie, what makes your experience even more worthwhile is the sound. The sound that plays in the background when an action pact scene is going on or a car chase that is manipulated by a sound engineer.  Making sure that the sound is recorded, mixed and has mastered the track and hence matches the artist’s vision. Sound engineering in India is now being picked up more drastically as a career option. People think of it as a viable option.

The sound industry is worth 15.7 billion as of 2017, looking at that number it is quite evident that this industry will keep growing. The position just below sound engineer is of an audio engineer, their physical duties are the same as a sound engineer, but they have to their way up after graduating from audio production school to advance to the level of a sound engineer. As Mumbai is the hub of Bollywood, it has some of the best audio engineering schools. Like ZIMA (Zee Institute of Media studies) has a course specifically targeted to people who have an interest in Audio Engineering.

Actors- All the work that the director/screenplay artist has put in the script can go to waste if the actor/actress doesn't portray the emotions well in a film. It's the job of the actor. They interpret the ideas of a writer in a movie, television, drama etc. with the help of their acting skill, voice modulation etc.

Many actors enhance their talent by going to an acting school. You can easily find acting courses in Mumbai.

Cinematographer-  A cinematographer is someone who brings the story to life visually. Bringing movement to screenwriter's script requires more than merely shooting photos or video of a scene. The cinematographer works with the film's director to capture the story in a way that will grab the attention of the target audience. A cinematographer works hard to achieve the final goal of the director.

When it comes to watching a movie, it doesn't require much effort on our part it's not the case on the other side. Making a film from scratch involves a lot of energy and a mix of blood, sweat and tears. The final product that you see is an amalgamation of various people working hard to make sure you enjoy the movie to the fullest.

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