Important cPanel features you need to know

Posted by Sharmin Islam on April 2nd, 2019

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a Linux based website control panel provided by many web hosting providers, allowing the users to have a graphical interface. The tools of panels are designed to facilitate the control of a website. It lets the web hosting accounts running to manage & monitor the websites and server resources by using many essential features.

Let us follow up some cPanel features with benefits

cPanel is a potential administration tool for any hosting innovation. It enables the users to configure and manage the server resources which include server backups, reseller account management, file management, account security along with a lot of functions. On the off chance that you take an analysis on this provided graphical interface, your mind will definitely intend to move onward the hosting platform using cPanel, considering its features and functions.


In cPanel, creating email accounts is a very easy task as well as signing up to the webmail. It allows you with some essential features comprising creating email accounts, erasing emails, emails filtering,  emails forwarding, spam blocking and so on. Along with some advantages and disadvantages, it is one of the notable features of cPanel.

File Management

You will get a web interface called 'file manager' in cPanel. It allows you to upload, create, remove or edit files overall to manage files flexibly without the need of traditional FTP. No matter which browser you are using, it will suit all your using technology.


cPanel is all about your website security. The security section has a number of interfaces like SSH access, IP Blocker, SSL, Hotlink Protection, ModSecurity and so on. By using each interface you can ensure better security of your server and website through cPanel.

Domain Management

Another important feature of cPanel is domain management that helps to manage your domains, subdomains & add-on domains. The add-on domains interface lets you add more domains to your account which will appear to the visitors as separate websites. You can use the interface ‘subdomains’ to create more URLs for different contents without having a new domain.

Spontaneity in server Management

cPanel empowers to manage your server in all respects effectively by using the command line scripts included such several functions like backing up, creating FTP accounts, automated account suspension, email accounts removal and restarting the server with SSH. These scripts are made for an easy and faster server management where you don’t need to script manually.

Understanding all cPanel features will enable you additional points of interest. It will help to have a better user experience for you and your visitors.

What is cPanel Hosting

cPanel is typically offered by the web hosting service providers who allow their customers to have a Linux environment. So, it can essentially be expressed that cPanel hosting is the web hosting that includes the installation of cPanel. Hosting your website is not all you want. You need the control of managing and controlling your database, security, email and so forth. cPanel hosting empowers its user to have a lot of choices with maximum aspects and conveniences including unmatched speed and reliability. cPanel accompanies its pros and cons when you’re looking for a cPanel solution.

cPanel has into the most popular web hosting niche for worldwide users specially who want a definite control and governance of their server and website. cPanel has fetched all the administrative features for easy server management and user administration. To enjoy a good cPanel environment, a reliable hosting provider is must necessary. MyLightHost makes available the cPanel tools with all its advantages for the customers. In this article, I’ve tried to disclose some top features of cPanel. A lot of benefits are awaiting you in the cPanel hosting. So, keep your hosting account & server safe with the most used platform.

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