A Brief Insight to Mould Making & Pet Preforms

Posted by AcmeDisys on April 5th, 2019

A mould or sometimes known as "mold" is a hollowed-out block that is filled with a liquid or flexible material such as plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic raw material. The liquid gets harden and sets inside the mold, embracing its shape. Some pet preforms manufacturers also creates the molds of different types. A mold is correspondent to a cast. A typical bi-valve molding process needs two molds, one for each half of the object.

Piece-molding needs number of different moulds, each creating a parting of complicated object. This is used for larger and more beneficial objects.

There are various mould making companies in India. The kinds of molding methods they have are given below:


1. Blow molding

In this process, hollow plastic parts are formed and then the parts are joined together. These kinds of moulds are used for forming glass bottles or other hollow shapes.

2. Injection molding

It is a process of creating custom plastic parts by injecting molten plastic material at very high pressure into a metal mold. In this method, after the molten plastic is injected into the mold, the mold is cooled and opened to reveal a solid plastic part.

3. Compression molding

In this method, a heated plastic material is placed into a heated mold and then it is pushed into the desired shape. Once compression is applied to the plastic in the right shape, the heating process ensures that the plastic contains maximum strength.

Tips to identify reliable injection mould maker for your company:

  • Inspect the scale of the mould making supplier

  • Review the supplier's production capacity and quality control

  • Inspect the supplier's production scheduling and pricing

  • Examine the suppliers' project management and control capacity

PET Preform Mold

PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) is a kind of moisture absorption plastic for fiber, injection molded parts as well as blow-molded bottles and jars. PET is linear thermoplastic and PET film is transparent, which is made by the reaction between made from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol through poly condensation.

Generally its water content is about 0.05%. To get a perfect PET preform with great physical performance and build up molding efficiency, the water content of PET resin should be <=0.005%. A special machine comes called PET Series Injection Molding Machine to manufacture PET Preforms. Many pet preforms manufacturers are providing us the different varieties and designs of molds.

PET is water-resistant, corrosion-resistant plastic with high strength and has smooth finishing which is widely used for PET bottles of mineral water, juice, edible oil, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Main advantages of PET are:

Crystal clear

The products look clear, pure and the sparkling PET bottles attract costumer’s attention.

Pure and safe

PET adheres with international food contact regulations and the PET bottles are unbreakable which is safe to use. PET products are ideal for carbonated products.

Good Barrier

The low permeability of PET to oxygen, Carbon dioxide, and water means that it maintains the integrity of products providing good shelf life.


The costs of PET bottles gets reduced by 30% as they are very lightweight. Its shelf utilization gets improved by 25% on volume compared to glass.

No Leakage

The PET bottles are leak-proof.

Design flexibility

PET products are so flexible that it can be molded to any shape, size, neck finish and colors. Most of the mold making companies work precisely on the design and flexibility of the molds.


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