The complete know-how on creating a WhatsApp clone App

Posted by Angeline on April 23rd, 2019

To be precise, in the historical timeline, chat rooms are the predecessors of instant messaging apps. Chat rooms connected people around the world with a whisper and evolved to now what is known as instant messaging. The swift response of messages has kept us hooked, and the IM apps offer the convenience of reaching people. The popular among these IM apps is WhatsApp that offers real-time interaction and flexibility for users.


What made these IM apps so favored among users is the noteworthy functionalities and adaptability. These said apps are trying their hand in recreating the success of WhatsApp by experimenting with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and AI-driven ChatBots, thereby offering solutions to everyday users and enterprise level chat apps alike.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that entrepreneurs are scrambling to replicate the success of WhatsApp either through scratch or clone apps. As we all know, creating an app from the ground up will take up more time and money compared to its counterpart the clone apps that employ only a fraction of both time and money. The instant messaging app is open with spaces where you can choose to create a niche for your chat app and prosper in the said market.

If you choose to create a clone app for your IM app then, choosing AppDupe would be the best solution. AppDupe, a pioneer in the field of clone app development has years of experience in creating an app like WhatsApp with a plethora of features integrated into it. The white-label solution along with extensive customizability makes it the right choice to create your WhatsApp clone app.

Technology Stack


Laravel as the Programming language

For starters, Laravel is a robust MVC PHP framework which contains a simple and elegant toolkit for developers with a dependency manager and relational databases. The high security of the Laravel makes the app safer than its counterparts. The WhatsApp clone app is also performance-enhanced to run as smoothly as possible.

Apache server

Apache server is an open-source web served with creation, deployment and management software all rolled into one. It is designed to create a web server and host multiple HTTP-based websites. As a standalone system, Apache can be customized to support virtual hosts on the server. This gives a level of compatibility to the app.


MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that is currently a component of the LAMP software stack. It stores rows and rows of data by a relational structure that allows developers to migrate large databases without any loss of data — thereby reducing the cost savings on projects.

Bootstrap as Frontend UI

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework that is responsible for creating a responsive, mobile-first front end web development based on JavaScript. The clone app will be lightweight and more sensitive to the user’s interactions.

Now that we have a detailed view of the WhatsApp clone app’s technology stack out of the way, we can now focus on the must-have features that entail the successful completion of the chat app.

Voice and Video calls

The clone app script uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for its voice and other multimedia sessions. The video calls allow the user to call any of the other contacts with the intermediate internet or WiFi access.  

End-to-End Chat Encryption

Data privacy is the key, and it is the primordial rule to protect the user’s data against third-party infiltration. The end-to-end encryption will ensure the data security within the chats.

Multimedia Support

The app allows file transfer of various data formats such as video, images, gifs, contacts and much more.

Cloud Service Sync

The app is integrated with the cloud resource platform to monitor, update, and access the hosting environment thereby storing sensitive information.

Geolocation Integration

Geolocation services allow users to interact on a real-time basis, share locations and so much more.

Multi-platform support

While you are using a smartphone or a desktop or a laptop running in different OS, the WhatsApp clone script will seamlessly run on all platforms.

These are some of the integral features that will make your chat app a unique one. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to earn profits through your app or venture. The following points will outline the same.

Monetization of WhatsApp Clone App

There are five different sources to mint your money through the WhatsApp clone script.

  • In-App payment






    Run entirely free (like the famed WhatsApp itself)




On a final note, a detailed analysis of the complete clone script for WhatsApp and its inner workings have been drawn, and if you are about to build a chat app like WhatsApp, then AppDupe will guide you on the right path. Integrate the best features and customizations in the WhatsApp clone app script.

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