How To Help Your Kids To Handle Bullying At School

Posted by JulioLicinio on April 24th, 2019

Bullying is a curse to the youth. Many kids face depression and tend to suicidal attempts while suffering from bullying at their schools. Dr. Julio Licinio, the renowned psychiatrist and the senior vice president for the Academic of Health Affairs and Professor of Department of Psychiatry of the College Of Medicine is working on this sector for long. He does not believe in the common notion that it is just a fact of life to toughen up. It is the duty of the parents to find out whether their children are bullied or not. If you see any change in their behavior, take the first step as soon as possible.

How to identify bullying?

Teasing by friends or siblings is quite common habit and it is definitely not harmful. When it is done in a playful way, then it is quite funny actually. However, when the fun element become too harsh especially from one side and it becomes unkind and hurtful, then it has crossed the limit of bullying which needs to stop.

As per Dr. Julio Licinio bullying is the tormenting ones intentionally through physical, verbal or psychological ways. It can include hitting, threats, shaming, mocking, shoving and even extorting money. Many kids spread rumors or taunt others on social media to hurt their feelings.

The kids who are under the threat of bullying tend to skip schools, smoke or drink alcohol, involve in fights or even drop out from the school. There are many kids who are so mentally tormented that they consider suicide is the only way out from this problem.

How to help kids who are under the threat of bullying?

If your children open up by themselves about the bullying, then do not react to them. You need to listen carefully. You have to help them by offering comfort and support so that they can express their mind. Always keep in mind; never show any kind of negative behaviors like anger, worry or disappointment in front of them.

Sometimes, the children think that it is their fault. The only and best way to overcome this situation is talking to them. According to Dr. Julio Licinio, you have to say your child that he/she is not alone as there are many other kids who are facing the same problem. If possible consult with the teacher or counselor to monitor and prevent further problems.

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