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Posted by basshopper on April 24th, 2019

or Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports video games, since it was launched by Konami in 2001, has a wide range of football, but is the world's first game of soccer games, all of which are often marked by many surprises. Fun and enjoyable for gamers. In our article we will review all the details about the game PES and how to play the latest version of the game with high professionalism.

All about PES football game

PES Game features

PES is a reality-like player in a game because it is designed with high-tech graphics.
By playing you can manage your own team, and you can create one player.
The latest version of the PES game allows you to play online with friends.
The company developed for the game is interested in all the necessary details that make you enjoy the gameplay as the addition of new coaches for the team and new shoes and balls as well as the modern stadiums.

The developer has made some modifications to the latest version, such as adding new upward teams, removing some other teams that have not been known, and adding several periodicals.
The women share in the game of pace for the latest version, where they released in their full version new teams for ladies only, and this did not exist in the previous versions of the game.

Explaining the game PES and gameplay mode

Pes 2019 hack has many international clubs and leagues and contains the best teams as well as second and third-class teams.


PES allows you to choose the settings for the game in terms of duration where you have five options for the duration of the game, and you can also choose the weather you want whether it is cool, sunny or icy, and there is another choice in the settings determines the timing of the game in the hour you want, and if you choose Night time you'll find the stadium lit by the lights, you can also choose your favorite pitch of international stadiums and host major tournaments with the possibility of modifying Graphic of the stadiums to show real as in fact, this and you can also choose the referee who will run the game where the company put Advanced Global Top rulers to choose from, plus the possibility of choosing the commentator on your favorite game.

As for the level of the game, there are five levels that are easier for the hardest you can choose what suits you according to your abilities and skills in the game, and you can choose the switches available to each team at the start of the game, and you can also turn on players injuries or cancel. As for the players crews, there are three crews you can choose from for both teams.

Simulate reality in touching the ball

The latest version of PES game is characterized as the closest to reality in terms of simulation and realism, where the developer developed a real touch system that allows the player to touch and receive the ball just like the truth, and can also receive the ball between players from one center to another like the real receipt method, with The ability to control the receipt between the player and the other while moving and controlling the ball.

The shuffle between the players is invented under pressure upon receipt according to the skills and abilities of each player, and can control the Dodge and the receipt of the ball through control orders and according to the real players and their high skill, for example if the player Messi or de Maria has high-level capabilities in the process Control under pressure from other players.

Game Plan

The game lets you invent two plans before the game starts, one of which is offensive and defensive, and you can choose to take them or switch between them, but we note here that the frequent stop playing and switching from plan to another may lose you enthusiasm and pleasure in playing.


PES offers its audience, many features that mimic the reality and professionalism in performance, as the developed company has added a new system for the corners by controlling their preparation and use by arrows whether in the case of offensive or defensive corners.

You can also instruct players within the penalty area, centralize in a specific area, or monitor players for how to deal with the cross-panel's issues.

You can also control the corners of the attackers by specifying the positioning of the players by some control commands that are located on the devices.


Previous versions have faced many criticisms of the developed company is to achieve the goals easily, which loses the game spirit of competition and pleasure, while the company in the latest release to avoid these criticisms and respond to the public, and upgraded the level of guards, as it became more realistic, The power to return the ball in case of collision with the guard is different and available in many ways.

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