New Education Strategy for International Students Who Plan To Study in Canada

Posted by Global Tree on April 24th, 2019

The federal Canadian government under the administration of prime minister Justin Trudeau announced in its Fall Economic Statement for 2018 that it was planning to develop a new international education strategy with the help of two ministries viz, the Global Affairs Canada Ministry and Employment and Social Development Canada Ministry.

According to the announcement a budget would be allocated for purpose, amounting to 147.9 million CAD, over a period of five years. The allocated funds would be used to pay for a pilot program that aims to help post-secondary students in Canada to study abroad in other countries as well as to promote the country as an ideal study destination to attract more international students to study in Canada. After the initial five-years are over, the budget would provide an additional 8 million CAD each year to support the new strategy for international education.

Highlights of New Strategy for Study in Canada

Though all the details of the strategy are not known at present, the highlights of the same are given below

  1. Canada is expected to use the budget to equally promote international education for Canadian students and encourage them to study abroad.
  2. Canada will focus more on improving the diversity among international students while increasing the total number of international students in Canada.
  3. The measure will help students who study in Canada, acquire skills that would help them thrive in an era of globalization and increase competitiveness in Canadian industries. 

Many universities and other educational institutions welcomed this move and stated that they were extremely pleased to see the Canadian government paying heed to the importance of improving student skills   and its role in strengthening the economy.  They expressed confidence that the newly allocated budget would not only boost the popularity of Canada among international students but would also help to build a culture of skill enhancement and support Canadian students to prepare for their future careers. The new initiatives such as outbound student mobility program would help students who study in Canada to gain important skills that would stand them in good stead when they plan to enter the workforce after graduation.

A leading education expert, hailed the move stating that it would promote Canada as a top destination for international students who are seeking to study abroad. The new budget allocation would make studying abroad within the reach of many Canadian students who come from different socio-economic backgrounds. With this move, Canada can be seen to make a decisive stance towards preparing students for participating in a global economy and working with people from other countries, cultures, values and languages in order to benefit mutually.

A recent survey conducted by CBIE found that a majority of students in Canada were interested in participating in an abroad study program that would give them international exposure, but a significant portion did not have the means to do so. This new budget would help to mitigate the problem and allow students to gain the necessary exposure that would help them study abroad.

The findings highlight the importance of a funding strategy like the one outlined above in improving the prospects of study in Canada for both Canadian as well as international students.

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