EMR Software Beneficial for Medical Spas

Posted by Rob J on May 4th, 2019

Over the last decade or so, more and more medical facilities – hospitals, doctors’ offices, treatment centers, etc. – have been making their medical records available in electronic form. Besides saving space and cutting down on paper forms, having patient records available in an electronic format – more commonly referred to as Electronic Medical Records or EMR – makes it easier, for example, for other providers to access those records in the event a patient is referred to a specialist, or they have a medical emergency out of town and need treatment.

Medical Spas Able to Use Electronic Records

Those who own and operate medical spas may not have thought of themselves as needing or even benefitting from electronic recordkeeping, but there are places that have developed and offer EMR software designed specifically for the aesthetic and medical spa industry. If you’re a spa owner and not sure how or where to find such software, do an online search of “Medical Spa EMR Software,” and you’ll likely get several hits for services that can assist you.

How Do Medical Spas Benefit?

By using software designed for medical spas or businesses specializing in aesthetic services, the business can benefit in several ways. First, they are saving time because charts or other patient information can be accessed from wherever you may be. There’s no need to commute to the office to find and review or update charts. And, if you are in the office, you can access those documents right from your desk.

Second, if a patient needs records sent to another provider for any reason, or perhaps even to themselves, it can be done with a mere push of a few buttons. This saves patients time, especially if they need their records in a hurry.

Third, records can be accessed much easier when created, maintained and stored electronically.

Fourth, there will be a major freeing-up of space. With medical records now stored electronically, you can use the space previously used by filing cabinets and/or boxes for something else.

Finding the Right Kind of EMR Service for You

Naturally, you want something affordable. If your practice is part of a larger medical group, you may be able to store patient records with the rest of the group. In the event you are a private practice, you want something that will store records in a centralized place and that offers a back-up solution in the event of a catastrophic event where the system crashes. That back-up solution should be something off-site and enable you to restore records quickly, accurately and efficiently. You also want to make certain that wherever your records are stored, there is seasoned staff for the various operations needed – both for IT infrastructure and support staff.  

At the end of the day, there are more reasons than not to find and begin using EMR Software for your aesthetic or medical spa practice. Just research your options carefully and take advantage of any free trials someone may offer. You’ll only know what’s best for you by trying it out.

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