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Posted by James Pike on May 6th, 2019

The traditional ways of doing business are slowly losing their significance and getting outdated as businessmen are now relying more on technology to attract existing and potential customers and provide them with a much smoother shopping experience. E-commerce is at peak and although some people still shop offline, sooner than later, it is going to be become the only way of shopping. If you are also planning to enter the e-commerce industry, partnering with an e-commerce website software builder to build a perfect website for your business is a futuristic move and can turn out to be very fruitful. But the big question is- how your website should be? With many advanced web development and design technologies available in the market, choosing which type is right for you can be confusing.

Although you may try building the website on your own if you have some basic technical knowledge, but e-commerce websites are quite different from a regular one. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a professional for this job who can provide you with the best online e-commerce software platform. Modern-day website building solutions are not only targeted towards building and managing online stores, but they also come with various amazing and effective business marketing tools, which allow you to increase awareness about your brand and boost sales. Depending on your requirement and business model, you can get a transactional, static, or online marketplace website.

Transactional e-commerce websites are the ones which are generally used for shopping online.  These websites enable customers to search for their desired products, place their order, and pay for the products online. They also provide customers with the facility to contact the company for after-sales service. Companies like Walmart, HP, for example, have transactional websites. Static websites, on the other hand, generate sales by promotions and creating awareness rather than by facilitating online transactions. They are more or less like e-brochures providing information about the product or service, contact details, and how to proceed with a purchase One of the biggest advantages of building a static website is that it is relatively less expensive and time-consuming to design. Companies like Ford, for example, have static websites because they don’t deal in products or services which can be shopped online. The third type is an auction website or an online marketplace, which is a hosted platform where buyers and sellers come together to facilitate transactions. They provide sellers with an efficient way to find a customer without the expense of building a proprietary transactional website and also allows buyers to prevent themselves from checking hundreds or vendors online and shop for their desired products.

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