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Uber innovative strategies have incorporated most effective and efficient strategies for economizing daily operations. The freelancing approach is applied in facilitating management and control of the cost of production through implementing Gig Economy. Their experienced drivers are independent business partners (, 2017). They have no set schedules. The strategic approach has enhanced Uber community to minimize the cost of operations such as labor costs. Lack of control in fleet management raises questions on safety, transparency, and trust. The however high level of standardized quality measures such as social ethics, policies, and enforcement of standardized requirements ensure quality assurance in transporting passengers whenever and wherever they want. Goals and objectives of Uber are enforcing acceptable rates in the transport industry.

One of principle is compensation principle. An agency must agree to pay you according to an agreement and written concerns. If payments are informed of reimbursement, the entire parties involved must correspond and adhere to the terms raised. Indemnification means that a firm is liable for ensuring that customers are not held liable for things they don’t understand or that they are not aware of. The second principle of agency is transparency. Agencies are highly transparent for various reasons for collecting data and information from clients, how they utilize customer data and information and also allow customers to manage control and determine privacy of their accounts. The privacy policy provides consumers with disclosure information with corresponding right to provide your data or retain it.

The third principle is observing ethical issues by observing high el standards of conduct. They ensure they have communicated all offers to owners by entering all broker-versus client relationship. They provide equality by ensuring equal opportunities for employees, clients and others who seek services within their areas of specialization. By observing ethical practices, agents reveal a high level of obedience through principles of obeying clients as long as the client’s demands are legal (, 2017). The entire forum of agent discloses sense and principles of confidentiality and accountability on data and information. They ensure proper handling of money involved as well as checking and earnestly checking of transactions that are encountered.

Circumstances under which Uber might be liable for the conduct of its drivers

In case a driver damages another driver’s other passenger’s properties for example in case the driver is involved in damaging the car, breaking or vandalizing another passenger’s phone. Other personal misconduct that can lead driver to be in questions include cases where a driver intentionally spills food or drink in the car, smokes or vomits in the car as a result of excessive drinking of alcohol.

At the event of physical contact with a driver or a fellow rider, the uber community rules and guidelines do not allow flirting or touching drivers or other people in the car. Any misconduct that a driver may induce such as sexual behavior the uber community is liable for the conduct of the driver.

When drivers use inappropriate as well as abusive language with inappropriate gestures, for example, asking people personal questions using verbal threats as well as making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory or disrespectful (Seth, & Alan. 2015).

Other incidences include breaking local laws such as open containers of alcohol or drugs inside cars. In case drivers allow passengers to travel in large groups that exceed the number of seat belts in a car. Another area where the uber community is responsible a situation where drivers exceed the allowed speed limits (Seth, & Alan. 2015).

Uber is also liable for the conduct of their drivers in situations where drivers engage in activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking as well as sexual exploitation-n of children, women and other disadvantaged individuals (Seth, & Alan. 2015).

Drivers who engage I n any of unethical behaviors including lack of etiquette he or she may be punished for having his or her account closed temporarily. Minor crimes involve warnings while continues practices of criminal acts may lead to drivers account getting deactivated. Failure to cooperate in the event of criminal activity can result in the blocking of drivers account and later limit drivers ability to earn income (Seth, & Alan. 2015). All drivers are required to observe legal and ethical issues. They should always be guided by principles that emphasize quality driving, safety driving, eliminating chances of fraud, and avoiding issues that lead to discrimination. Customers demand courtesy and experience riding experience which is different from other riding experiences. The driver must practice ethical practices such being compliant with legal rules, road rules as well as traffic policies.  

Steps Uber can take, if any, to limit its legal exposure for the conduct of its drivers

Uber drivers lose accounts in case of engaging in serious illegal activities. If a driver fails to maintain a valid vehicle registration or a valid driving license the driver’s account is blocked or denied access to the account in uber. In the event where the driver receives serious traffic citations showing unsafe driving while using the vehicle, that may result in the in closing of drivers account (, 2017).

User community prohibits drivers from using fire arms, carrying firearms. In case drivers violate the arms carrying policy they may eventually lose access to Uber. Drivers who want to use uber must undergo a screening process such as motor vehicle records and background checking to facilitate compliance with uber criteria and standards. In events where routine motor vehicle checking background checks reveals that there is a violation of Ubers safety standards or other safety criteria required by local transport authority’s drivers may lose their access to Uber account (, 2017). 

Drivers are expected to maintain transparency highest order and safe driving across all routes. Drivers who engage I activities outside Uber system such as making anonymous picking up of passengers is highly prohibited. It is Uber community is responsible for taking action against drivers who accept illegal street hails, while using Uber system (Daniel, & David, 2015). Drivers who violate Uber policies by harming business brands such as un authorized use or manipulation of Uber trademarks, intellectual properties, and other business utilities are liable to denial of access in uber. Similarly, drivers who engage in soliciting charges of fare outside Uber system violates driving agreements using uber systems; their rubber accounts are blocked. 

Conclusion and Recommendation

Uber Company has effectively and efficiently combined various technologies at the benefit of society. Through their gig economic approach, they have reduced the cost of production, the cost of operations as well as the cost of maintenance. Their ethical policies provide satisfaction to consumers by handling their inquiries complaints and accessibility in a polite and customer oriented manner.  The code of ethics has highly promoted quality services.


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