Why The Silk Pajamas is The Best?

Posted by basshopper on May 11th, 2019

Pajamas come into contact about twice a day. The happier of us will not undress him on any day. Pajamas have a rich and adventurous history. She came from exotic countries, became a domain of men and boys, before a brave woman hit and made this comfortable outfit accessible to everyone and everywhere.

The first classic women's pajamas were designed and made famous by Coco Chanel

The women's version of pajamas was introduced in 1886 , but then it was a combination of a chemise with panties. The production of such pajamas required up to 4 meters of calico or flannel. The lacing top had a tall collar, and the lace cascade was sewn to the bodice. Pajamas were on the wrists and knees decorated with ruffles.

The first ever "non-spiked" pajamas were presented in 1918 by the famous Coco Chanel. She was famous at that time for the revolutionary promotion of boys' fashion in women. She showed a new fashion sensation on the beach in Deuville, France, without unnecessary decoration. In the collection appeared women's social and beach pajamas.

Coco made silk pajamas fashionable to hit beaches and parties
Coco Chanel convinced the world that well-cut pajamas are a much better and more stylish alternative to nightgowns and not just to bed. Pajamas have become a model for comfortable home wear, but also a busy beach and social event outfit.

Rich women around 1920 welcomed guests in silk pajamas and boating
Women from higher social strata at the beginning of the 20th century liked to accept guests for afternoon teas in highly fashionable clothing - Silk Pajamas Set. Convenient clothing made of luxurious materials has been converted into a very elegant outfit with well-chosen accessories. Refined ladies were able to elevate their pajamas from the privacy of the bedroom to the representative reception rooms.

Beach pajamas were an integral part of summer beach fun
People in relaxed clothes could fully enjoy the rest and summer parties. The comfort was no longer just bed. The wide pants gave the pajamas a very elegant punch and the womens silk pajamas became an important fashion statement. Some beaches were famous for these clothes.

Even today nobody and beauty disappeared from pajamas

Elegance and strong aesthetics of pajamas have been highlighted in recent collections by leading fashion designers: Dolce Gabbana, Gucci or Alexander Wang. Mulberry pajamas has become a new fashion trend and therefore we turn to wear to work, to social events and on the beach.

Quality pajamas will be up to date at any time. Whether at home or on the street. We need them every day to enjoy the precious moments of rest in soft materials that have a beautiful pattern and delight our eyes.

Those who prefer to prefer pajamas in front of the nightgown will have plenty to choose from. For warm summer days, they are lightweight pajamas that combine top to thin straps and loose shorts, often lined with lace. As a cozy home-made garment or pajamas for the cooler season, you can choose long loose pants in combination with a top or a long-sleeved shirt.

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