Why Use A Vacuum Cleaner?

Posted by basshopper on May 12th, 2019

Certainly, each of us has already sucked up using a conventional vacuum cleaner. Since vacuuming is centrally the same with a vacuum cleaner, the use of the best vacuum cleaner should effective. It is important to note that the vacuum cleaner is outside the living quarters, so when vacuuming there is no re-blowing of the microparticles of dust that does not catch the filters of conventional vacuum cleaners back into the living quarters.

How it actually works?

The brain of the entire vacuum cleaner system is located in the basement, garage, warehouse or other technical room. A piping system is connected to the suction inlet of the unit, which is ingeniously designed to vacuum wherever needed and is terminated in special drawers. The number and location of drawers is always governed by the layout of the property. There are contacts of low voltage control (24V) in the sockets, which are connected to the control module of the unit and when the suction hose is inserted into the socket, the control module closes, the best vacuum cleaner is activated and you can vacuum.

It should be noted that there is an exhaust manifold on the unit to remove filtered air from the building. In practice, using a vacuum hose sucks up dust and other dirt that goes through the pipe system to the suction unit, dirt and dust are separated in the unit due to the cyclone effect and through a special filter. Thanks to this efficiency, the dustiness in the vacuumed object decreases significantly because the filtered air does not get back and does not stir up dust as is the case with conventional vacuum cleaners.

Benefits of vacuum cleaners:

Vacuum cleaners meet the highest demands on cleanliness and hygiene. It will clean your apartment in the simplest and most advanced way! House dust, bacteria, sentence pollen, and other loose dirt will be completely removed from the air you breathe in the room.

In the future, you will only insert the hose into the socket and vacuum the entire apartment. Never again is an uncomfortable device that destroys the corners of your walls, the edges of your furniture, the end of carrying a heavy machine up the stairs and tripping over the power cord .

The vacuum cleaner is installed outside the living area. This fact, as well as the built-in noise protection, guarantees you quiet vacuuming, where you can even listen to your favorite music or make calls.

By using industrial motors, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is considerably higher compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

It is sufficient to clean and empty the vacuum collector and filing container 2-3 times a year.

Easy to assemble
As a rule, the assembly work is carried out by a professional company, but with the help of our direct and detailed advice, the self-assembly of the vacuum cleaner is very simple, not only in new buildings, but also in retrofitting. Vacuum cleaner is installed on the wall outside the apartment. The suction drawers are connected using cost-effective plastic pipes that have a specially designed inner surface. A wide assortment of various taps, elbows, sleeves and mounting aids will give you the ease of laying any line. Also bonding is very simple. As a rule, the new building is laid under plaster, in security shafts and floors. There are countless options for retrofitting.

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