Essential Considerations When Organising a Conference

Posted by Tom Clark on May 22nd, 2019

Conferences happen for various reasons. Usually, they take place to allow people who have different ideas across different fields to come together and share their thoughts. Conferences can also happen so that experts in specific areas can share what they know or research about people who aspire to be like them. If you have the task to organise a conference, you need to consider these essential tips to ensure that it will be a massive success.

Check the dates

The first thing you need to consider is the date. Depending on the purpose of the event, the conference can last for an entire day or more. Make sure that you choose a time appropriate to the purpose of the event and one where you can maximise the attendance of people in that area. Avoid placing the event on dates near national holidays and other special occasions that could reduce the potential participants or make it difficult to organise the conference.

Find the perfect venue

It is also essential that you check the site for the event. Make sure that it is suitable for the number of expected attendees. If you are hosting an event that will last for several days, you also need to determine where the participants are going to stay. If you do not want to deal with room reservations, you can provide options and allow the attendees to make their arrangements. You can guide them though if they are not from the area. Look for a place that is convenient for everyone since it is easy to access. Reserve large conference venues ahead of time so that if there are issues, you still have time to look for another place.

Collect personal data from the attendees

You need to know the expertise of the attendees so you can come up with topics related to what they feel interested in. You can also invite experts who will share tons of ideas. Also, you need to know if there are dietary restrictions so you can prepare the right meals. If attendees are bringing vehicles to the event, you also need to assign a team to facilitate the entrance and exit of all attendees, to avoid traffic jams and delays. Some of the delegates might even bring their family members with them. You need to know how many kids are coming so you can also find a way to accommodate them and not disrupt the flow of the conference.

Finalise the speakers and entertainers 

You need to invite the best people to provide speeches and talks during the conference. You need to determine how you are going to fit them in the prepared schedule. Since conferences could be long and dull, it is crucial that you also determine the entertainers. You do not want the attendees to comment that they did not have a good time during the event. 

Now that you know the essentials, it is time to assemble your team and start planning.

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