A devoted servant of Muhammad (SAW) in Madinah

Posted by Ady on May 29th, 2019

Anas bin Malik (RA) was born in Madina before ten years of Hijra. He belonged to the Najjar tribe of Hazraj, which was one of the two leading tribes in Madinah. He was known as Abu Hamza but later on, he gained fame “the Servant of the Prophet,” as he was a close personal attendant to the Prophet of Allah-Almighty.

The most important quality was his years-long service to the Prophet (saw) which distinguished Anas (RA) among the Companions and the fact that he was raised under his guidance. Anas (RA) learned the solutions of several religious matters from the Prophet (saw), which he later spent his life trying to resolve the issues of religion. His way of teaching and education was apparently admirable and his ethical practices as well. Practices are still experienced in Madinah by Hajj and umrah experts after performing the pilgrimage.

He narrated his childhood event during the migration when he was ten years old. He said that the children of Madinah were so excited that they started to scream at the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He further added that he also participated with them by crying with pleasure. Thus, when everyone was offering to Prophet (SAW) my mother rendered my person to Prophet (SAW) being serving. Prophet (SAW) did not decline and accepted me as a serving boy.

Therefore, from that time until the demise of Prophet (SAW), Anas (RA) remained compatible every moment with Allah’s Apostle. He had so great love for the Prophet (SAW) that he felt proud to serve him and never felt tiresome. He would wake up early in the morning and go towards Masjid Nabvi to provide some needs.

As he was not considered adult, so he did not participate in the first three important battles such as Badar, Uhud, and Trench. However, he assisted to drink the water to the injured bodies and collected the arrows and other things. Moreover, he also experienced popular expeditions like Hudaibiya treaty, the Expedition of Khaybar, the pilgrimage of the year 629 AD (Umrah al-Qadha), the Conquest of Mecca, the Battle of Hunayn, the Siege of Taif, and the Farewell Pilgrimage.

After the demise of Prophet (SAW), he was sent in Bahrain as Zakat collector by the order of the first caliph Abu Bakar (RA). Later on during the reign of Omar (RA), he was preoccupied with the education of the Muslim in Basra. He was also appointed a member of a council of leading Companions, which was assembled by the Caliph Umar (RA) to counsel him. After servicing in Damascus, he returned to Basra and continued his services. If you have a keen desire to experience his services spots then Customize Your Cheap Umrah Package and found the practices in the Masjid Nabvi.

He participated in the military campaign in the conquest of Tustar during the time of Omar (RA) and after that, he was appointed in-charge of the duty of transporting the war booty back to Medina. Anas (RA) would stay away from the party-political conflicts and division that happened during the reign of the Caliph Uthman (RA) and which steadily kept increasing. During this session Anas (RA) only managed the governorship of Basra, which overlapped with the rule of the Caliph Abdullah b. Zubayr and lasted only forty days. After this brief stint, Anas (RA) returned to his life of delivering the education.

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