How does ISO 27001 Certification Enrich Startups?

Posted by Luke Tayler on May 29th, 2019

You might have noticed how the number of data breaches is increasing. It has become a real threat to data protection, these days. If you run a startup, you should stop thinking that you are safe. It’s high time you should take data security seriously. Most of the startups are running after generating revenues quickly. Since most of the business, ideas are centered upon the idea of bringing a product to the market and gaining market shares. Therefore, every startup should pay attention to their data protection. Get certified to ISO 27001 Standard is the best way of ensuring information security.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the ISO 27001 certification for startups. Listed below are the benefits that your startup can gain from this ISO certification:


Compliance to the regulations of your respective market is important for the survival and the growth of a startup. This fact of compliance assumes great importance when the concerned company is a startup. New businesses need to avoid penalties and hurdles, which would make the beginning even harder. Unintended problems may violate the relationships with authorities. As per legal regulations, some organizations need to follow the rules strictly, such as health and banking sectors. Other companies are also suggested to demonstrate their compliance with the ISO 27001 Standard.

Demonstrating compliance with such a standard in the initial days of your business will help you go a long way.

Risk Management

Some companies fail to focus on information security while every business, startup, in particular, should pay attention to this. A potential risk may damage the reputation of your startup. Implementation of ISO 27001 Standard helps a startup make their customers and interested parties understand their credibility. Since the standard includes requirements relevant to the prevention of data breaches, by exercising such practices your startup can maintain its privacy as well as reputation.

ISO standards like ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard have been already adopted by many startups. Every day, countless startups are looking for reputable quality assurance consultant for gaining this certification. ISO experts have assumed that ISO 27001 Standard is going to have the same popularity among all the small and mid-level enterprises in the coming future.

Competitive Advantages

Modern customers have become more and more conscious of the value of the data they are providing. News featuring data breaches is spreading like the air. Hence, data or information security management is a major concern of the entrepreneurs these days. Being a startup owner, you should be accountable for data security and protection of your customer. Don’t forget that your target audience will always go for a secure option while choosing a service provider like you.

Implementation of an Information Security Management System can act as a game-changer for startups. It will enable you to grab maximum attention of your clients.

Cost Reduction

You will be surprised to learn that ISO 27001 certification helps new and small enterprises save money and time. By implementing the standard, you will be able to reduce the number of data breaches or information security violation. ISO 27001 Standard compels an organization to define its obligations and spread awareness among the employees about the importance of data security. Awareness among the employees reduces the chance of data breaches and in turn, it saves you from penalties or charges.

A startup usually begins its journey with a smaller number of employees. Hence, it is easier for startups to implement the Information Security Management Standard than the older and larger businesses having a number of employees. It is a cost-effective idea for any startup that aims at winning the confidence of their interested parties (consumers and shareholders).

A Final Takeaway

After going through this article, you might have realized how important ISO Information Security Management Standard is for the startup. If you seeking a full-proof plan for long term benefits and growth of your startup, then you should keep the implementation of the ISO 27001 Standard on the top of your “to-do” list. You need to organize your scattered processes and consult with an ISO expert who can guide you in the right direction. It would be better if you study informative journals about the standard and develop an understanding before working on the implementation.

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