Stop smoking without getting fat

Posted by Be Fit on May 30th, 2019

Stop smoking without getting fat

Do you want to quit, but do you fear for your line? So, this program is for you! The miracle method does not exist, but a preparation adapted to your lifestyle can help you achieve it smoothly.

To calmly approach stopping smoking and control your weight, Doctissimo offers a multi-step program that will allow you to stop smoking calmly and without getting fatter.

1. Step 1: Learn how to handle your stress


Learn how to blow at least once a day, to cool your head: dive into a bubble bath, listen to your favorite discs, garden, read a good novel ... think to do you good!

To relax, nothing like an exotic relaxation method. On the menu: breathing, reading, yoga, shiatsu, reflexology, do-in, Californian massage ... Adopt the method that suits you best!

Have you managed to better control your stress for 2 to 3 weeks?

You are ready for the next step!

2. Step 2: Take time for yourself


Now that you are relaxed, you need to make time for YOU.

Being busy is a good way to forget about smoking, but also find time to take care of yourself and make yourself happy. Take time out each week for a physical activity or a hobby, book a half-day for a cinema, a shopping session, a steam room or a good book.

The good idea? Your agenda

From the beginning of the week, plan at least an hour, or better half a day, just for you. Note it in red so you do not forget it!

The motto: to know how to be selfish!

3. Our tips for taking time for you


Swimming pool, cinema outings, lunches ... Do not forget to note as many things as you want in your agenda! Some people will need to write everything down, others less, others ... not at all. Just do what's right for you! The goal, in all cases, is that you become aware of the time you spend and the pleasure you get from it.

It is done ? Go to the next step!

4. Step 3: Decode your diet


To avoid gaining weight when stopping smoking, it is essential to monitor your diet.

The good idea? Write down your nutrition notes in your diary to keep track of your progress.

For 2 to 3 days, fill up your food balance without changing your usual diet. Then check with a dietitian or check the food balance rules that we offer.

Finally, it is advisable to carry out a new food balance to check if you have applied the rules of balanced diet.

5. Our tips for balancing your diet


In order to keep the line, here are some food balance rules that we advise you to follow every day:

On the menu every day:
 • 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day;

 • A starchy meal at lunch or dinner, and bread with each meal;

• 5 fruits and vegetables (cooked and / or raw is also good to have fun!);

• 3-4 dairy products per day, including once cheese;

• A portion of meat or one of its equivalents (fish, egg, ham) per day;

• A little butter in the morning and seasoning oil at main meals;

• If you like sweet, eat two sweet products a day, within a meal to avoid sweet cravings between meals. Examples: from jam to breakfast, chocolate at the end of lunch, a square of chocolate to taste;

You now have a healthy and balanced diet?

Go to the next step!

6. Our tips to avoid nibbling


Our good ideas:

• Instill gourmet breaks to avoid snacking between meals;
• Crunch on a cereal bar and a natural yogurt;
• Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day;
• Favor aromatic herbs and condiments;
• Fruits and vegetables: Make it the basis of your diet.

7. Step 4: Play sports


Step 4: Play sports
In the series of good resolutions, the practice of regular physical activity is the essential ingredient to keep fit and fight stress. This helps to regulate any weight gain.

The good idea? To keep the line, combine pleasure and effort.

If a subscription to a gym seems too restrictive, opt for an African dance class, rollerblading, water aerobics. There are also many tips to move more in everyday life: take the stairs instead of the elevator, leave your car in the garage to buy bread, visit the parks and forests nearby on Sunday afternoon ...

But, remember, the regularity of the exercise counts more than its intensity.

Your sneakers on your feet, go to the last step!

8. Quit smoking: what health benefits?


In the immediate and medium term, quitting smoking is really beneficial. Find out what will change for you!

By stopping smoking, you will find that after:

 • 20 minutes, your heartbeat becomes normal again;

• 48 hours, smell and taste improve;

• 72 hours, breathing becomes easier and your energy increases;

• 3-9 months, the functioning of your lungs increases by 10%;

• 5 years, your risk of having a heart attack is two times lower than that of a smoker;

• 10 years, your risk of developing lung cancer is half that of a smoker. Your risk of having a heart attack goes down to the same level as someone who has never smoked.

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