Key Technologies Transforming the Movie Industry

Posted by GaryHook on June 5th, 2019

The movie industry is experiencing numerous transformations with the rise in technological advancements. In this, we are witnessing digital cameras which are smaller but powerful. Besides, tools such as smartphones are being equipped with powerful features which are converting them into useful recording tools. There is also the use of drones in the production of HD movies. This article focuses on the technologies that are enabling the various transformations.

  • Autonomous Drones- The movie market already is using autonomous drones which come with a high level of flexibility. Note that these tools are being equipped with unique algorithms which are highly redefining the screen positioning, the viewing angles, and even the shot sizes. From the fact that producers are highly adopting drones, it is clear that the near future will be characterized by numerous drone cinematographers. Other industries are also borrowing the use of autonomous drones. An example of this is the music industry as well as the political arena. Political rallies are being covered by drones that take HD movies or recordings.
  • 4K and 3D Technology- With this new technology, movie producers are able to come up with unique pieces that are full of creative detailing. An example of this technology in use is where producers make objects like cars fly from the sky or even superheroes having unique flying capabilities. Although at this time these technologies are quite expensive, be aware that their quick adoption by major players in the different movie markets is bound to make them affordable over time.
  • Smartphone Filmmaking Gear- Many phone manufacturers are striving to keep up with trends such as powerful cameras which are infused with artificial intelligence. In this, note that these capabilities are making movie making easier as producers are able to shoot recordings from any part of the world comfortably. Besides, powerful lensed are being specifically tailored for smartphones, and these are defying both the rules of photography and movie making. Be aware that most vloggers are opting to go with phones are their primary movie-recording tools due to their convenience and flexibility.
  • Dual Camera VR- Mots stakeholders in the movie industry are coming up with binocular 360 viewing in virtual reality. This, in turn, is redefining how movies are recorded and watched. For instance, some cinemas have 7D features which make viewers feel realistic effects as they enjoy their favorite movies. If you want to get more details on HD movies, click here.

From the above, it is clear that the sky is not the limit for the movie industry. Viewers if the different genres should be ready for more from the producers.

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