WOW Classic Beta Increases Level Cap To 40, Arathi Basin Available has already b

Posted by xiayumin on June 6th, 2019

The ongoing "World of Warcraft Classic" beta recently been updated, and I believe many beta players are extremely interested in this version.

After an excellent stress test on May 22 and May 29 this past year, players who're lucky enough to engage in World of Warcraft classic beta will have some new expectations, as Blizzard announces the return from WOW Classic Items the Arathi Basin and adds new areas. Because before that, I know that lots of players are extremely interested inside Arathi Basin. Fortunately, the development team met the player's wishes. The update will arrive on June 6th (this Thursday).

It might maintain the World of Warcraft Classic Closed Beta and definitely will bring a brand new level cap - from 40 to 50, and that is something players have to pay attention to, since this may have different effects a variety of players. In the words of community administrators, “allowing testers to go in places like Arathi Highlands can be a more dangerous and challenging unknown battlefield.” This also shows that the Warsong Gulch area is going to be closed.

Dragon Star Vanier received a brand new British trailer, dated June 11. If any player is interested in learning this, they're able to follow the next trailer, even if this trailer shows just a small part, but I believe it is enough to allow you to excited.

Finally, Blizzard also announced from the post that this Arathi Basin may also conduct limited testing in closed tests. Players which experience it desire a level 20 or older character to participate in.

For all those who have not chosen to penetrate the test phase, don't lose faith - Blizzard wouldn't immediately opt to stop picking players into the exam phase. Because they accurately what kind of mentality you might be waiting for Buy WOW Classic Gold the ultimate result, they'll do the most beautiful to live approximately the players.
So, if you happen to be a fan of Warcraft Classic, desire to join the quality phase, go through the new World of Warcraft immediately, then selecting to join the beta version, please pay focus to me, enjoy my next article.

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