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Posted by Hussein Alasker on June 11th, 2019

Landing on good job positions can sometimes be very challenging. You might face some challenges and obstacles when you’re looking for a great job opportunity either in your local area or other rewarding work abroad opportunities. Job seekers must consider some aspects before starting their search for suitable job positions; aspects which can make it easier for their decision related to which field or position is actually fit for their qualifications and requirements. If you’re a fresh grad, you’ll have a fewer amount of knowledge in some employment procedures and processes. Most fresh graduates are not fully aware of the current market rates and other relevant issues and methods related to the employment field in general.

When you apply for a certain position, there are another at least 50 candidates who have applied for the same position you aimed for. So basically, hiring managers will be dealing with countless numbers of job applications and resumes. How to make your resume noticeable and catch the recruiter’s attention using easy trick tips? Recruiters wouldn’t spend more than 20 to 30 seconds proofreading a resume, it can either interest them or simply thrown away.

Here are some basic trick tips to follow when applying for a job

Be specific and direct

You can’t start searching for a job if you don’t have a clear and specific position in the target. Examine your strength and weakness points; evaluate what suits you and what doesn’t related to your values or qualifications. It’s really important to apply for a job which actually fits your qualifications and requirements. Holding a certain position is not a temporary phase or a temporary signed contract, it might actually be your long-term job position and title for many years. What’s your passion? What do you enjoy doing? What is a suitable workplace environment which fits your values and major? All these aspects must be examined accurately and upon that you start searching and applying for potential jobs.

  • You can check famous online job websites like This offers plenty of job opportunities in different fields and industries. Requirements and skills in every specific major is crucial for you to put in mind, it’s considered very unprofessional to apply for irrelevant job applications and positions.

Use Advanced Search tools

Old-fashioned job search techniques have almost reached its finish line. Searching for a job using famous and secured online job websites like is now the top-notch technique to find and apply for any potential job positions by just submitting your resume in one click! These new techniques made it easier to land your dream job with hardly any effort and time besides also being totally free!

  • Make sure you only submit your resume to secured and authorized job search engines like, because your resume contains confidential information about you.
  • If you’re want to expand your experience and explore new cultures like working abroad and overseas, you can check as they offer the best job offers in the UK and the US.

Tailor your Resume to each position you apply for

Your resume is most critical tool in the job search process. Some companies you apply for ask for specific skills and qualifications, that’s why you need to make yourself a perfect fit and a successful candidate fit. You should also include the preferred keywords in the job description mentioned in your resume; outstanding other candidates need to be executed professionally in order to let recruiters notice and put your resume in the final listings. Do not ignore the fact that being always up-to-date can make you lose some great openings and other inquires recruiters would contact you for.  As well as following up and tracking your resume’s process, some recruiters would notice eager job seekers who follow up constantly but not get into a situation where you’re starting to annoy the recruiter.

  • Surf the internet for resume building tips articles that would help you build a strong CV.
  • Building an outstanding resume is your basic key to any job applying process; make the first impression worth reading!
  • Check famous online job websites like Joblang and apply online today!


Follow Targeted Companies Using Your Main Social Media Account

You should take advantage of the rapid social media development era.  Use your social media account as a tool to attract recruiters for viewing your profile, share useful career and job articles, and always mention career-related articles or question about landing you dream job. That’s why it’s important to keep your social media account both professional and interesting, because you’re using your account as an extra helping tool to find a job. Some recruiters often check referenced social media accounts submitted in the CV of the job candidate, it gives them another different angle of information about your personality. 

  • Follow the most active HR employee accounts; they are always looking for new employees. Social media helps a lot in expanding your skills locally and sometimes if you’re lucky enough you might be internationally noticed and offered some extraordinary work abroad opportunity in the US and UK.

Landing your dream job is now easier and more achievable. Following some steps which can boost up you job search won’t harm you. When you’re in a real desire to landing a good job opportunity which offers good pay rates needs little extra effort. Do not stop you’re your job search if you face some obstacles; this has to make your desire grow bigger to chive and reach your target. The world of employment is huge and making extra efforts for the sake of your dream job should be your main aim, after all, achieving your goals need both passion and motivation!

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