How Do I Know How Much Solar Power I Need?

Posted by dennishahn on June 14th, 2019

Solar energy is one of the easiest to access renewable source of energy. You can use solar energy in your house as well as commercial areas just by installing solar panels in Albury and Wodonga. Solar panels and their sizes depend on where they are used. If they are used in big industries or commercial offices, then you will need to install solar panels which generate high energy. However, it is natural to be confused when determining how much solar power would you need while choosing the solar panel systems in Albury. Here are some tips to help you choose the right kind of solar panel system for your usage.

  • To determine your solar panel size, you need to know the amount of energy that you will be consuming and thus need to track your energy consumption patterns. You will get to know your average energy consumption if you keep a track of your energy and light bills every month.

  • By knowing the average energy consumption, you will be able to determine your monthly energy consumption and get an idea of exactly how much energy you will be need.

  • Using this you will have to determine the size of the panels. Panels vary in their watt DC power ranges and thus you will have to choose accordingly depending on your energy consumption. If you consume more energy, then you will have to use solar panels which are meant to be used in industries with thousands of watts energy.

  • Commercial panels are meant for using in offices and commercial industries. These panels are produced using a huge number of solar cells which makes the panels taller.

  • Commercial industries need a set of panels which ensure the smooth running without any power issues. There is a need for multiple solar panels which are larger in size.

  • Portable panels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These have a lower capacity than the commercial and residential panels. Hence portable panels must be used in small places where the energy consumption is low. You can use portable panels when you go on a trek or to a land of far-away which will make sure you get energy to meet your basic necessities like charging.

By using solar power in Albury and Wodongayou cannot only cut down on your energy costs but also contribute towards greener environment.



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