Completion of Wuqoof while Hajj

Posted by Ady on June 18th, 2019

Wuqoof occurs at Muzdalifah which is the place where pilgrims reach after the sunset from Arafat on the 9th Dhul Hijjah. Muzdalifah includes an area of 12.25 square kilometers that is enlarging from the Valley of Muhassar to the mountain of Ma’zmein,

Wuqoof at Muzdalifah is the third obligation of Hajj. As it is starting in mountain Ma’zmein to Hiyadh and Wadi e Muhassar, so Pilgrims have great desire to climb up. But it is not possible to climb up Ma’zmein Mountain due to overcrowding and time constraints. However, people who just go for Umrah with umrah Manchester live up their aspiration because of easy climbing.

It is religiously recommended that pilgrims should remember God after leaving the Arafat. Reaching Muzdalifah, pilgrims should perform Maghreb and Isha prayer collectively. During the farewell Hajj, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) performed the prayers of Maghreb and Isha together.

So, it is wajib (compulsory) to offer the prayer of Maghreb and Isha together in Muzdalifah at Isha time while proceeding the Hajj. Moreover, Wuqoof (staying) of Muzdalifah is also wajib (compulsory). The time of Wuqoof starts from Subah Sadiq (early in the morning) and ends at sunrise. Pilgrims are not allowed to cross the Wadi Muhassar and enter Mina before sunrise. It is permissible for pilgrims if they spend even a short time in Muzdalifah. However, the best way is to remain until before sunrise. Although pebbles for pelting might be collected from anywhere of the boundary, yet collected them from Muzdalifah is the best way.

It is mandatory for pilgrims to stay at Muzdalifah from dawn till sunrise on the day of Eid. If pilgrims do not perform Wuqoof between dawn and sunrise, so their Hajj is not validated. However, it is permissible for women, children, the fearful, the weak, the aged, the sick, and those caring for them are relieved to spend the night (Eid eve) at Muzdalifah and proceed to Mina before dawn. The purpose of Wuqoof is apparently the humbleness of pilgrims before God. If pilgrims do not continue Wuqoof at Muzdalifah or unable to remain there between dawn and sunrise, they should perform so for a period between sunrise and zawal on Eid day. But if pilgrims do not perform the second option, so their Hajj is not validated.

Let’s see to the point of the rules of Wuqoof during the Hajj:

1. If pilgrims do not undertake Wuqoof at both of the places, either Arafat or Muzdalifah, so Hajj will be invalid. So, it is necessary for them to change it into Umrah-ul-Mufradah in the ihram of Hajj itself.

2. After that, it is required for pilgrims to perform Hajj in the following year. If the obligation was Hajjat ul Islam and they are able to afford it, so they should perform it in order to remain the obligation to discharge it.

3. Pilgrims can manage Wuqoof at Arafat while the selected period and the other period in Muzdalifah.

4. Pilgrims can manage Wuqoof at Arafat during the alternative period and at Muzdalifah during the appointed period. So, Hajj will be valid.

5. If pilgrims perform Wuqoof at both the places during the substitute period, so Hajj will be valid. But, they should repeat it in the following year in order to make it safe and sound.

6. If pilgrims complete only the Wuqoof at Muzdalifah during the selected period, so Hajj will be still valid.

7. If pilgrims complete only the Wuqoof at Muzdalifah during the substitute period, then Hajj will be apparently invalid, and they should convert it into Umrah-ul-Mufradah. If unfortunately, the pilgrims leave Wuqoof in the recent Hajj, so they make their arrangement with umrah packages in December 2020 for Umrah Al-Mufradah to compensate it.

8. If pilgrims complete only the Wuqoof at Arafat during the fixed period, so Hajj will be invalid, and they must change it into Umrah-ul-Mufradah. Only in one situation, the Hajj will be valid, if, on the way to Mina, they pass through Muzdalifah during the fixed period and do not stay there in ignorance of the rule.

10. If pilgrims perform Wuqoof at Arafat in the substitute period, their Hajj will be invalid and they should change it into Umrah-ul-Mufradah.

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