Establish a Relationship with a Plumber before You Need One

Posted by Radmin on June 18th, 2019

If you own a home, it's inevitable that, sooner or later, you will need a plumber. The time to qualify a plumbing company is not during an emergency situation when you are ankle-deep in water. You want to build relationships with skilled professionals who can help you keep your house operating at peak performance, so it pays to begin looking into the backgrounds of the companies you will allow to work on your home shortly after you move in. Begin by asking your new neighbors for recommendations, but don't stop there. Look at the websites of the various companies you're investigating, check the services offered, read the testimonials on their websites, and start narrowing down your search. Here's a check list of things to put on your non-negotiable list when searching for residential plumbers in San Francisco.

Your Non-Negotiable List

  • The company needs to have a reputation for reliability, so read the testimonials from satisfied customers carefully. 
  • They need to be properly licensed, bonded, and certified with a staff of professional, skilled plumbers. 
  • The company must offer emergency services on a 24/7 basis as standard. 
  • Look into a franchise operation, since they offer services to the franchise business as well as continuous training to keep their franchisees current on changes in the industry, but make certain the franchise is locally owned. 
  • Search for a company who offers a full range of services, from fixing simple problems like leaky faucets to completely replacing the pipes throughout the entire house. 
  • Complete your search by looking at unbiased sites like Home Advisor or Angie's List. Not only do they provide reviews, both good and bad, but they can provide some idea of what to expect to pay for plumbing services in your area.

What Now?

If you've narrowed your list down to one or two companies, invite them in for a consultation, or to fix a small problem. The technician should be courteous and efficient. They should show up in a car or truck with the company name on the side and wear a uniform. The technician should do the work you've hired them for and explain how they've fixed the problem. They should point out any potential problems but not try to talk you into more work than you've authorized. These are a few things to consider when searching for residential plumbers in San Francisco.

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